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Recruit our students for jobs in tech and data

The Tech & Data Day is an event dedicated to the recruitment of qualified international students passionate about fields such as data science, data analysis, digital strategies, artificial intelligence, and digital transformation of businesses, as well as other related areas.

This strategic initiative provides them with the opportunity to focus their recruitment efforts by identifying candidates perfectly aligned with their needs in technical skills and corporate culture. By participating in this event, companies benefit from increased visibility among students, thus strengthening their employer brand and their ability to attract the attention of future talents passionate about cutting-edge technologies and challenges related to data management.

Take part in the Tech & Data Day

+33 (0)6 30 78 72 67

Upcoming dates

Febrary 6, 2025
1PM - 7PM


Paris campus


1 500€ excl. tax

€900 if participation in the Lunch & Learn Tech/Data

Event program

The Tech & Data Day is an event bringing together companies from the tech sector or generalist businesses with data needs. They will notably have the opportunity to meet students from specialized programs in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence Strategy, as well as Digital Marketing & Data Science, two international programs available on the Paris campus.

The event takes place in person on the Paris campus.

  • 1PM: Arrival of companies
  • 2PM: Arrival of students
  • 2:30PM - 5:30PM: Companies present their job offers (internships, permanent positions, etc.) and their professions, thus fostering career opportunities and networking in these booming fields.
  • 5:30PM - 7PM: Closing cocktail gathering

Frequently asked questions

What does my business stand to gain?

  • Meet qualified students interested in the fields of technology and data
  • Target your recruitment efforts by identifying candidates matching your technical skills requirements
  • Establish yourself as an expert in a specific theme and enhance your employer brand
  • Pre-select the top candidates

Which companies should attend this event?

The Tech & Data Day is open to companies from all sectors with recruitment needs and expertise in these sectors. The event also caters to companies active in the fields of technology and data, especially those specialized in artificial intelligence, data science, software development, cybersecurity, etc.

Which students are involved?

Students from the following programs :

  • Data Science & Artificial Intelligence Strategy
  • Digital Marketing & Data Science

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