A group of committed partners

emlyon has several committed partners who ensure the continuation of sports activities.
emlyon is the first school to develop the sports industry within the French economy.
Fabien Paget, CEO 17 Sport MANAGEMENT

emlyon business school is the first school to have gauged the sports industry's expansion within the French economy. Together, we want to play an active part in the change, work to expand sport's role in society and show that it is possible to combine elite sport and education.

Véronique Barré I Chief Executive at Collectif Sports

Our association is led by former sportspeople now in employment, who have decided to make it easier for sports people to change profession. We hope, through this partnership, to make companies more aware of the tremendous potential of these atypical profiles and help them take advantage of it, by paying special attention to their recruitment, training and management.

Paoline Ekambi I President and Cofounder, Sportail Community

Securing employment is a real problem for elite athletes in France. Four out of every 10 athletes earn less than €500 a month. Also, 80% of sports federations do not have the resources or the skills necessary to guide and support their sportspeople. emlyon and Sportail Community are working together to offer innovative solutions that are complementary to the existing range, without supplanting the institutional sporting partners. 

emlyon and Sportail Community have joined forces to offer innovative solutions