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Involvement in an association is an integral part of the emlyon business school culture. In this highly formative passage between student life and the world of work, everyone has the opportunity to get involved in a meaningful project where they can put themselves to the test, improve, undertake and innovate. Involvement in an association is a core component of the school's early makers' learning experience, as well as an effective means of bonding and professionalizing the student community.

The school currently has over 1,013 students involved in close to 45 associations across all of our campuses. In 2019, nearly 600 association events were held, representing a total budget in excess of 4.6 million euros.

The wide variety of associations at the school is represented below (in French): photography, tech, music, sustainable development, geopolitics, fashion, luxury, debating, sciences, art, literature, journalism, public speaking, entrepreneurship, finance, sport, wine, gastronomy and more.

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