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Let's invent the partnership that's right for you!

We co-construct tailored partnerships with companies that would like to build a multidimensional relationship and work more closely with an innovative ecosystem such as the emlyon business school ecosystem.

There are many strategic partnership approaches possible between your company and our school:

  • Be associated with a research chair;
  • Test new models or procedures;
  • Support an association's project;
  • Sponsor a program and sit on a scientific committee;
  • Be the focus of a consulting assignment and let our entrepreneurship DNA boost your projects;
  • etc.


Corporate partnerships

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emlyon's future campus

Contribute to « l’agora des transformations »

The highlight of the Confluences 2025 strategy, our future campus in Gerland, the agora of transformations, is designed as a place of life, where learning is relational, hybrid, engaged, connected. Where change happens through experience, the meeting of publics and ideas. As a player in the socio-economic world, you can contribute to this project today to bring about creative solutions together and transform individuals, organizations and society.


Talents & Corporate Partnerships Director Gerland campus partnerships

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