Social and environmental


Isabelle Huault, Executive President and Dean of emlyon business school

The current health, environmental, social and economic crisis is placing even greater responsibility on higher-education establishments to be catalysts of creativity, capable of driving major social changes. Social responsibility, the ecological emergency and the quest for meaning are major concerns for students and the upcoming generations. Higher-education institutions must therefore enter this new era with a heightened sense of their mission.

The school embraces its mission to anticipate, impart meaning to and support the far-reaching changes in the world by producing and sharing knowledge that will enable public and private stakeholders to cope with the rapid, deep-seated changes in society. Our educational project is to train enlightened citizens, responsible managers, mindful of the social and moral consequences of their actions... This commitment plays out in every aspect of the school, from training to research, but also through a voluntaristic policy of diversity, inclusion and equality.

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