emlyon’s social and environmental engagement

Isabelle Huault, Executive President and Dean of emlyon business school

"In the face of unprecedented geopolitical, social, environmental, technological and economic upheaval, emlyon provides new and relevant responses to the challenges of a disrupted and challenging world."

Faithful to its roots and humanist values, emlyon business school strives for the common good and seeks to embody, through all its activities, a socially aware organization that transforms socio-economic environments.

Through the production of knowledge and innovative learning methods, our School promotes the ability to plan ahead in order to explore sustainable futures and nurture creative and transformative attitudes by developing an open and positive mindset and a desire to create, build and engage.

It harnesses research, knowledge hybridization and the "early makers" approach based on ‘doing' to drive a radical commitment: the spirit of exploration and entrepreneurship for the sustainability of our ecosystem and planet. emlyon is an engaged school, an activist for sustainability, in which research and training aim to transform the very core of the economic system, promoting the creation of economic, social and environmental value as part of a long-term vision.

Our mission statement, under our status as a benefit corporation since 2021, embodies this commitment to serve the public interest. To embody and promote our mission, we focus on three pillars - Research, Training and Functioning - and 10 goals. We have also committed a significant budget of 5.2 million euros, which we plan to increase over the next 5 years. 

emlyon’s social and environmental engagement
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