A long-standing and deeply rooted

business school

 One of the oldest business schools in Europe

emlyon business school is a stand-alone business school that was founded in 1872 by the Lyon Chamber of Commerce and Industry and located at the time in an 18th-century building in downtown Lyon.

The School extends today over 3 continents onto 7 campuses and is planning to expand further.

emlyon business school is multi-accredited and is among the world's 1% business school being triple accredited, with EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA.

For each accreditation, the School has obtained the maximum duration and been commended for multiple features.

Created and still affiliated to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Lyon & Region

The French Grandes Ecoles or business schools were created in the course of the 19th century by Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCI) or associations in France's major cities in order to train and educate future managers and executives to drive commercial, financial and industrial development in their territories and administer business operations.

This model is now facing several major changes, in particular due to the sharp decrease of state subsidies received by CCIs, resulting in a progressive dis-involvement of CCIs from activities that are not core to their mission.

To address this issue, emlyon business school and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Lyon Métropole, Saint-Etienne & Roanne took a fully innovative initiative and jointly decided to adjust the School's legal structure to its changing environment and open up the School's share capital to Staff, Alumni, institutional investors (BPI France) and Equity investors (Qualium Investissement).

The School, Chamber of Commerce and investors are bound by an Associates' Pact that guarantees the pursuit of the School's excellence, quality accreditation and primary location in the Lyon region.

emlyon business school is therefore a long-standing, deeply rooted and far-looking business school – a pioneer by tradition.

Our accreditations

and rankings

Quality Assurance at emlyon business school relies on quality standards underlying the triple accreditation that the School has adhered to, as well as the respective reference frameworks of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Ministry of Work and Employment as well as the global framework of European standards, in particular regarding ECTS credits and the three-cycle system.

The School participates in major national, international rankings and other surveys and is regularly ranked among Europe's and the world's leading business schools.

emlyon is one of the best schools in France, Europe and the world.
Financial Times
2022 Masters in Management Ranking
World University Ranking 2023
Le Figaro
best French business school
Shanghai Ranking
in Management - Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2023

International and national rankings

The world-famous Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities has recognized the School's excellence in terms of quality and impact of its research work.

emlyon is regularly ranked among France, Europe and the world's best Business Schools. Rankings apply to programs, the whole School or specific topics and rely on a variety of criteria such as research excellence, student satisfaction or salary levels of its graduates.

At institutional level, the School stands out in particular for the employability of its graduates in rankings that survey companies and recruiters. The Times Higher Education Employability survey last ranked emlyon 2nd among French Business Schools and in the world's top 40. This highlights the School's excellent reputation and the recognition of the distinctive value of emlyon business school graduates.

Our main ranking positions


  • Financial Times - European Business School 2022 : #12 best business school in Europe
  • Palmarès Le Figaro 2023 : #4 best French business school
  • Global Employability University Ranking & Survey 2024 (GEURS) : #2 in France
  • Shanghai GRAS Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2023
    Management: #2 in France in the 101-150th bracket (over 500 international institutions)
    Business Administration: #3 in France in the 51-75th bracket
  • Happy at School 2023: #3 French business school for the best student experience out of 12 schools
  • Echos START/ChangeNOW Classement des Ecoles les plus engagées dans la transition écologique 2022: #4 French business school

Master in Management


  • 2022 Financial Times Executive MBA Ranking - Executive MBA: #47 worldwide and Top 5 in France

MSc - Masters of Science

  • QS Business Master's Rankings 2024 - Masters in Finance - MSc in Finance: #4 in France out of 15 schools (#17 in the world out of 206 schools)

International accreditations

EQUIS is the European accreditation of business schools granted by the EFMD.

EQUIS is the European accreditation for Business Schools from EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development): The accreditation processes cover the whole School, its programs and departments in a very thorough manner, with the aim of continuous improvement through very high-level, internationally agreed quality standards. The School's quality is assessed by a Peer Review Team, i.e. by Deans of accredited schools from around the world. The award of EQUIS by EFMD is acknowledged worldwide by students, employers and the media.

emlyon has been continuously EQUIS-accredited since 1998.

AACSB is the accreditation granted to a school and its management training.

AACSB Accreditation is the longest standing, most recognized specialized accreditation an institution and its business programs can earn. The accreditation process covers the full set of programs and functions of the School and relies on a peer review approach. Being AACSB-accredited requires maintaining a very tight quality assurance system and committing to Engagement, Innovation and Impact.

emlyon has been continuously AACSB-accredited since 2005.

AMBA, British association of MBA which accredits schools offering masters.

AMBA is the UK-based Association of MBAs that accredits Business Schools with programs at Master's level and above. AMBA has set specific quality criteria including program design, learning outcomes and faculty profiles. The accreditation process relies on a peer review and in-depth site-visit, as for all other accreditations.

emlyon has been continuously AACSB-accredited since 2000.

Our quality


emlyon business school views quality as an intrinsic component of its operations and pedagogical approach.
Quality is a dynamic concept that implies different aspects: setting strategically anchored quality objectives, working across the School's programs and campuses to continuously improve teaching and learning at emlyon. It is coordinated and facilitated by a dedicated Directorate.

Institutional quality throughout our campuses

Institutional quality is based primarily on the standards set by national and international accreditation bodies and applies to all programs, activities and campuses. Quality is measured with Key Performance Indicators and is supported by the School's risk management process. Progress accomplished towards areas identified by accreditors as requiring improvement or corrective action is also subject to careful follow-up; the Quality Directorate further disseminates good practices across departments, programs and campuses.

Our campuses

Quality of our programs' pedagogy

Program quality relies on the quality of teaching and that of the program design. Following AACSB standards, the School follows the dynamic Assurance of Learning mechanism and uses student feedback on courses and programs, as well as data from placement surveys and corporate partners/employers to improve the content and delivery of programs.

Quality of our research/impact 

emlyon business school's Faculty and Research are widely recognized for their excellence. Quality is carefully monitored by the Dean of the Faculty and the Associate Dean for Research with the help of the scientific committee and scientific commission of the School.


Quality of our students' development 

Development and employability are at the very heart of the School's mission. During their studies and throughout their careers, students and graduates benefit from support and coaching