Designed as a meeting place where users shape the spaces, the agora of transformations will evolve in accordance with the cadence of its use, with flexibility as the key word.    

An inherently flexible design

In compliance with the best current standards of sustainable construction, the building of the new Lyon campus of emlyon business school has also been structurally designed for maximum adaptability - even reversibility - in order to remain flexible and upgradable to cope with reconversion of the premises and changes in use. This principle has been applied to the building as a whole, as well as to each of its rooms: from partitions to furnishings, everything can be adapted to the maximum number of possible uses.  

The beating heart of the agora, the central space and events venue of the emlyon campus.

The beating heart: an emblematic protean space

At the center of the agora lies its beating heart: a versatile space totaling 2025m2 that will be the focal point of the entire campus. As a hub, a venue for events and a space for hybridization, it will evolve in line with its use and programming. It will be able to accommodate 1,500 people standing and 750 people seated

Its purpose is to set the cadence of the agora of transformations, by welcoming all forms of events and those involved in the transformations.  

As the fifth events venue in the city of Lyon, behind its neighbor, the Halle Tony Garnier, it will be able to host:  

  • emlyon's highlight events, such as the start of the academic year, graduation ceremonies and careers forums,
  • Exhibitions and cultural events, 
  • Corporate events, 
  • Conferences, symposiums and forums 

And any other type of event that will add vibrancy of the mission of the agora and emlyon!  

Embodying emlyon business school's strategic ambition, the new Lyon campus will be the meeting place and training ground of all those involved in the enlightened transformation of themselves and the world.