The future campus will be the figurehead of emlyon's digital ecosystem. It will provide a hybrid teaching environment, tailored to new uses and to the School's goal of 20% online courses by 2025.

New campus and new IT system

The agora of transformations will go hand-in-hand with the inauguration of a new IT system, completely redesigned for a digital teaching environment in line with the vision embodied by the new campus. The School has invested €17 million over three years to build an IT system that matches the very best standards of Global Business Universities

L’escalier monumental du campus d’emlyon
Le cœur battant de l’agora, carrefour du campus d’emlyon.

A hybrid teaching model

The form and equipment of the campus have been designed with and for emlyon's educational developments. The agora will provide teaching and workspaces tailored to the rollout of digital tools and suitable for all teaching formats. 

In order to reach emlyon's goal of 20% online courses by 2025, all large classrooms will be fitted with a Hyflex premium system:  

  • A main objection screen accompanied by screens on each side to be able to project and see all participants, 
  • A sound system in the ceiling for a more immersive experience,
  • A camera system at the front and back of the room to cover the entire space.  

This equipment will create optimal conditions for synchronous classes, with in-class and remote students simultaneously. The campus has also integrated the needs of 100% distance learning with Hyflex equipped meeting rooms, available to teachers for synchronous distance learning, as well as a professional studio for recording asynchronous content.  

In addition to equipment, the teaching model that will feature in the agora will be geared towards new collaborative and experiential work methods, such as action learning, reverse learning and project-based work. emlyon business school will therefore be moving from 12 lecture theatres in Ecully to one lecture theatre in the agora, instead favoring spaces such as work cubicles and modular classrooms on a human scale, to encourage exchanges and creativity.  

The agora of transformations is the new emlyon campus in Lyon, in the Gerland district of the city.