The Master in Management - Grande Ecole Program delivers a Master's degree. Its objective is to train students to address the challenges of today's world while building on their future career and personal lives.

The Master in Management Grande Ecole Program of emlyon business school combines academic excellence and action learning via experience and practical application. Accessible after a preparatory class or via degree-based admission for students with a Bachelor or a Master's degree (baccalaureate +3/4/5 years), this program provides general management competences backed by a progressive specialization to enter the job market. Professional experiences and student association life are integral parts of the curriculum. emlyon ranks as #2 of business schools in France for employability in the Global University Employability Ranking 2023 of the Times Higher Education.

The academic excellence of the Master in management Grande Ecole Program of emlyon business school is recognized in France and worldwide. This MiM program ranks #4 of the masters in management in France, and #7 worldwide according to the 2023 Financial Times Master in Management ranking.

Admission mode of the Master in Management - Grande Ecole Program of emlyon business school

For students with a non-French degree

For students with a degree from a university outside of France (Bachelor, Master...) obtained after at least two years of university education outside of France.

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International education is an important part of the Master in Management - Grande École Program

Le Campus à Shangai d'emlyon business school

As part of the Master in Management - Grande Ecole Program, you will need to validate different international experiences and to do so, you will have several options: semesters on our international campuses (Shanghai, Bhubaneswar, Mumbai), academic exchanges in one of the 200 partner universities of the School or the possibility to take an international double degree.

You will discover new cultures and new management models to nurture your academic learnings.

International double degrees

Double degrees will allow you to acquire multidisciplinary competences (or hybridize your competences) and work in a different cultural environment, both being real assets for your professional integration.

In Master 2, you will be able to build a specialized and international track by taking a double degree with one of our academic partners notably with HEC Montréal, McGill University, Aston Business School or the Asian Institute of Technology…

Our Master in Management Grande Ecole Program rankings

Business et management
#4 of the French business schools
QS World University Ranking 2023
#2 of the French business schools
Global University Employability Ranking 2023 Times Higher Education
Master in Management
#4 of the French Grandes Ecoles
Financial Times - Masters in Management 2023 Ranking
Master in Management
#7 worldwide
Financial Times - Masters in Management 2023 Ranking

Careers following the Master in Management - Grande École Program

From graduation to employability, we will support you through and through, to build your professional project and prepare your entry into the job market.

100% of our students are employed within 6 months post-graduation and 87% before graduation.

Throughout your program, the Career Center will provide various support services to gear you up for job interviews, to learn about the various occupations and meet with the companies.

As emlyon students, you will have access to whole range of internship and job offers, along with various events organized every year, including forums dedicated to finance and strategy consulting.

Master in Management - Triple degree

Master in Management, Finance & Tech

Offered by emlyon business school, Bayes Business School and POLIMI Graduate School of Management, the Master in Management, Finance & Tech is a 2-year triple degree program. It allows students to benefit from international experience and specialization in management, finance and technology.

Do you want to build a career of excellence in digital finance?

Discover the Master in Management, Finance & Tech
Master in Management, Finance & Tech at emlyon business school

Frequently asked questions about the MiM - Grande Ecole Program

Why integrate a Master in Management?

The Master in Management is a training of excellence in general management, allowing to gear you up as best as possible to address tomorrow's challenges and develop you entrepreneurship spirit.

With our MiM - Grande École Program you will have the opportunity to live a rich set of founding experiences to achieve your potential and be prepared to address the ever-evolving challenges thanks to:

  • Academic teachings of excellence designed by internationally renowned professors
  • The possibility to progressively specialize through specialization tracks or elective courses to give you time to build on your professional project
  • International and in company experiences for your immersion
  • A full student life sustained by the 36 student associations present on the emlyon campus.

At emlyon, we believe in the power of methods and that of the entrepreneurship spirit, to help you grow, be bold and take actions. You will have the opportunity to take initiatives and bring them to life in the very first business school incubator, to become aware of the cross-cutting nature of socio-environmental issues, and gain confidence through an empowering involvement in associations, etc. Beyond entrepreneurship, we cultivate an entrepreneurship spirit!

How to enter the MiM Program?

For students with a non-French degree :
You will need to apply to the Master in Management via the admission process dedicated to international students. There are two admission tracks: Direct International Admission or Join a School in France. Both tracks require a test in management and a test in English. Application sessions unfold from October to June.

Can the Master in Management be carried out as a work-study program?

In the MiM of emlyon business school, the Master 2 year can be carried out with a work-study contract over a period of 12 months (for students under 30 years old). While in compliance with the requirements of the Master's degree, the work-study format is adapted to take into account the rhythm and assignments of this form of contract. Courses are exclusively provided on the campus in Lyon, on a basis of one week in school for two to three weeks in company. Number of seats are limited and subjected to eligibility conditions.