Acutely aware of the impact this sanitary crisis has over society and over our environment, emlyon business school is launching an exclusive series of open webinars called: “How the current situation is speeding up transformations?” starting on November 23rd

10 professors-researchers of our School each designed a webinar on a specific area of activity impacted by the current sanitary crisis, and in correspondence with his/her field of expertise and research: Human Resources, Management, Digital, Sports, Housing, Artificial Intelligence etc. What is the objective? To support the various communities of our School in such an unprecedented context, based on an analysis and answers found to address the issues induced by the crisis.
This series of webinars, is yet another proof of the high level of expertise of our Faculty and its implication, as proud and consistent supporters of the School's primary mission: disseminating knowledge to support society's evolutions.

So join us on Monday November 23rd for the first webinar of the series, “The role of a business school and its research in management, in today's overturned society” under the leadership of Tessa Melkonian, Dean of the Faculty.
For more information (details, dates, registration links, reruns…) regarding this series of webinars, go to, the online pedagogical platform of the School.