Abbas joined the MSc in Global Innovation & Entrepreneurship last September willing to improve his enhance his entrepreneurial skills. Find out more about why he chose emlyon business school and what he hopes to achieve from his time in the program.

1.What was your undergraduate degree in?

I previously studied Civil and Environmental Engineering.

2.Why did you decide to enroll in this program?

I decided to join the MSc in Global Innovation & Entrepreneurship in order to enhance my business skills, discover new cultures and work in a new country.

3.Why did you choose to come to emlyon business school specifically and France?

One of my friends recommended it to me as I was searching for a business school in Lyon that would suit my expectations. And I have to admit that I also chose Lyon because I love the city.

4.What do you hope to achieve from your time in the program?

I hope to meet and learn from entrepreneurs who are improving the world, and play a significant role in the French business ecosystem.