“Fake news, and more broadly the manipulation of information, has already demonstrated the damage it can inflict on both states and democratic systems,” says MSc in Cybersecurity & Defense Management Program Director Nicolas Sabben when interviewed in regard to the cybersecurity conference on the threat of fake news being held on emlyon business school's Paris campus February 10, 2022.

The conference, hosting prominent guest speakers and open to security and defense professionals, passionate students and, “anyone interested in getting to know more about fake news and their impact on policies and strategies,” is the first large event hosted by this newly-launched Master in Science program from emlyon business school.

“Destabilisation of electoral processes and the weakening of industrial and economic actors and media are examples of how fake news has recently impacted countries on and societies on a global scale,” says Prof. Sabben.

“We're being faced with a situation that has become critical, where liberal and democratic states have made the fight against the manipulation of information a new political priority. In an increasingly tense political and geopolitical context, marked by the proliferation of informational campaigns and attacks at an international level, coupled with the sophistication and power of disinformation technologies and the multiplicity of dissemination vectors, France is a target of choice in the light of the upcoming presidential elections. We want answers to questions like, ‘What threats weigh today on our country and what are their potential impacts? What solutions do we have technologically, politically and societally, to fight against the manipulation of information and protect democratic systems in danger?'”

Politicians, institutions, experts and media representatives will meet during this conference to discuss and provide their insights and recommendations. Some names of note are:

  • Dr. Olivier Cateura, Professor & Director of MS & MSc programs at emlyon business school
  • Naïma Moutchou, Deputy, Vice-president of the Law Committee, rapporteur of the law on fake news
  • David Olivier, Head of Cyberdefense & Intelligence at Sopra Steria Next
  • Lutz Güllner, Head of Division Strategic Communication, Task Forces & Information Analysis, European Union
  • Guy-Philippe Goldstein, Strategic Advisor at Expon Capital

The event will begin at 6PM sharp (18h00) and last 2 hours with time for networking after the speakers conclude.

“By hosting such an event, it is another step for emlyon business school towards its recognition as a key player in providing top educational programs in Security & Defense, Geopolitics, and Cybersecurity on a national, European, and international level. We've already partnered with many key players in the cybersecurity & defense ecosystem that are now part of the MSc in Cybersecurity & Defense Management program's teachings and governance,” Prof. Sabben explains.

Participation in this event is free and will benefit attendees of all ages and sectors, but particularly the program's first and current cohort. “Our students will be able to benefit first and foremost from the experiences and expertise of the speakers through high-level exchanges which will ultimately help them to develop their own knowledge and understanding of security & defense issues. They will also be able to strengthen their professional network through dedicated discussion and networking times, presenting a unique opportunity to boost their employability by positioning themselves as an active player in this ecosystem as a student of the program, not just a simple participant.”