emlyon business school has received the MERIT award 2024, in the Leadership Development category, for the innovative project, "Making Leaders", conducted in collaboration with Capgemini France The award recognizes the school's effective customized programs that enhance leadership capabilities and organizational performance. The success of "Making Leaders" demonstrates the strong partnership between emlyon business school and Capgemini France, showcasing their commitment to continuous growth and development.

Jury feedback on the “Making Leaders” project

The jury evaluation of the "Making Leaders" project highlighted its robust and comprehensive design, supported by leading learning theories and methodologies. “Consistent design principles framed up front based on leading learning theories; a fully blended drip-feed implementation, providing participants with multiple vehicles for learning and embedding of the learning, through journaling, teleconferences, projects, etc; peer debriefing, which if done and managed well, can be very powerful in the context of leadership development. This really was an incredibly robust, well thought-out program, with the fact that it has been running for several years now with tangible business results making it the outstanding entry for me”, said one of the jury members.

The program's scalability and adaptability, demonstrated by its multi-year implementation and tangible business results, were also praised by the Merit Awards' jury. The extensive application of the Kirkpatrick four-stage model for evaluating learning impact provided a measurable framework for tracking progress. Oversight by a steering committee ensured alignment with organizational goals and strategic focus.

The emphasis on participant-driven development, allowing cohorts to influence the program's direction, was seen as leveraging leaders' existing capabilities and fostering intrinsic motivation. The jury appreciated the program's thorough documentation, proven impact on multiple KPIs, and strong emphasis on culture, management practices, and talent retention. The program's long-standing success and top sponsorship buy-in were additional highlights.

The “Making Leaders” project: emlyon's winning initiative

The "Making Leaders" project, designed by emlyon's Executive Education teams for Capgemini France, exemplifies cutting-edge leadership development. Capgemini, a global leader in consulting, digital transformation, technology, and engineering services, partnered with emlyon to address the evolving demands of leadership in the digital age.

Capgemini, with over 350,000 team members in more than 50 countries, has a core belief that the business value of technology comes from and through people. This belief aligns seamlessly with emlyon's mission to develop "makers," individuals who can navigate their destinies and work collaboratively. The "Making Leaders" initiative aimed to instigate a deep and lasting shift in Capgemini's managerial culture by leveraging proven learning methodologies and tools.


« This award is a recognition of the impact of the corporate customized programs by emlyon business school as well as the engagement and collective intelligence of the teams »


« This award reflects the growing importance of leadership development in organizations. It is now considered strategic, leading companies to invest more in this area and demand observable and lasting impact on both behaviors and team results. The design and evaluation of Making Leaders, based on the Kirkpatrick© method and proven pedagogical approaches, is a decisive factor in educational performance and added value for the partner company. For seven years, Capgemini has trusted emlyon business school, both in France and at the European level. This MERIT Award 2024 adds to three previous trophies, including the prestigious Excellence in Practice Award Gold from EFMD in 2021 ».

The program designed is a comprehensive 10-month leadership journey, which are deployed in “waves”. Each “Making Leaders” wave, or class, is made up of groups of 10 leaders, making up a cohort. There are between 15-20 cohorts in each program wave. Each wave begins with a kick-off convention that brings together all participating managers. Participants then engage in three two-day face-to-face sessions, allowing for intensive, hands-on learning in small cohorts. Regular video teleconferences in peer groups ensure continuous engagement and support, while weekly Action Tips help managers apply their learning on the job. The program is supported by a Learning Management System (LMS) that offers a wealth of resources, including videos, preparatory work, and interactive discussions. Additionally, speeches and afterworks with high-level speakers provide inspiration and learning in informal settings. This program is designed based on emlyon's “Grand 8” approach : a unique method to support behavioral evolution of managers in service of corporate transformation.

Personal development is a crucial component of the program, with participants undertaking a comprehensive journey that includes DISC assessments and maintaining a learning journal. The experience culminates in a lift-off convention, which not only brings the cohort together once more but also includes an innovative peer-based certification process where leaders assess and provide feedback to each other.

The Kirkpatrick Model is used to evaluate impact by systematically assessing participants' reactions, learning outcomes, behavioral changes, and the overall results achieved, ensuring a comprehensive measurement of the program's effectiveness. The essence of Kirkpatrick's evaluation lies in identifying whether leadership practices, attitudes and behaviors have changed in context at work, in work groups and on the job. This is at the heart of transformation.

emlyon et Capgemini aux MERIT Awards 2024

Understanding the MERIT Summit Awards

The summit aims to empower people and organizations by sharing insights from business and education leaders, encouraging innovation, and meeting strategic goals. As the world of work evolves, HR leaders are pivotal in navigating change, enhancing workplace culture, and preparing for the future. The MERIT Summit provides a unique forum for sharing best practices and honoring outstanding contributions in these areas.

The MERIT Summit Awards celebrate excellence in corporate learning, leadership, and people development. Since its inception in 2017, the MERIT Summit has brought together international business schools and HR directors from various industries to share insights, tackle challenges, and highlight success stories. The awards recognize transformative initiatives that elevate organizational capabilities and leadership standards.

The review of the projects and cases is based on four main criteria – the 4 “I”s:

  1. Ideation – needs analysis, approach, design
  2. Implementation – stakeholder buy-in, engagement
  3. Impact – on the organization, its people and the outside world
  4. Innovation – introduction of new ideas, methodology, or technology.

The jury consists of MERIT Leadership Community members, executive education leaders, and experts.

It is the second consecutive year emlyon business school has won an award at the MERIT Summit. In 2023, the school received the Leadership Development award for their impactful program with Crédit Agricole Ile-de-France.

Custom training programs at emlyon business school

emlyon business school's executive education teams design training programs for companies, tailored to meet the unique needs and objectives of individual organizations. These custom-programs are meticulously designed through a collaborative process that begins with a thorough analysis of the company's specific requirements and constraints, followed by the construction of a dedicated learning path in close collaboration with the organization.

A tailored training program at emlyon is designed specifically for a particular company, addressing its unique challenges and goals. These programs cannot be duplicated as they stand for other companies, as they are created and adapted to meet the expressed needs and objectives of the organization. This approach ensures that the training is highly relevant and impactful.

A custom program at emlyon can include a variety of pedagogical methods and training tools. This may involve in-person or online training sessions, synchronous or asynchronous activities, conventions, peer groups, case studies, and projects. Simulations, role-playing games, and other innovative pedagogical methods such as learning expeditions and theatre can also be incorporated.

emlyon's custom programs are distinguished by the implementation of rare teaching resources and the involvement of professors and affiliated experts. These resources, combined with a relationship of openness and closeness, ensure a high-quality educational experience. Additionally, the use of educational engineering and innovative methods reinforces the impact and excellence of the learner experience. By creating solutions that are both sophisticated and closely aligned with the company's needs, emlyon ensures that their custom programs deliver significant value and drive organizational success.

In addition to this year's award at the MERIT Summit Awards 2024, emlyon business school has also earned praise for its “Making Leaders” custom-program. This includes winning the EFMD Excellence in Practice Award Gold in 2021 for Leadership Development and the Digital Learning Excellence Award in 2021 for HR & Management.

The recognition of emlyon business school with the MERIT Award 2024 for Leadership Development underscores the institution's dedication to advancing leadership excellence through innovative and impactful learning programs. The "Making Leaders" initiative with Capgemini France exemplifies emlyon's ability to design and deliver comprehensive leadership development programs that drive significant organizational change. The success at the MERIT Summit Awards highlights the critical role that custom, research-based training programs play in preparing leaders to navigate complex challenges and achieve strategic objectives.

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