As full-blown connection platforms, both digitally and humanly, the library and the makers'lab are crucial for the School and its pedagogy. They were designed as two key places for life at the agora.

The library: innovation and transmission

Co-designed with its users, the agora's library will provide an innovative environment open to sharing, exchanging and transmitting knowledge. Not only will this area be open to the whole community of emlyon, but it will also be open to the whole student community in Lyon.

Libraries are already prime examples of hybrid areas on the campuses of emlyon, but the agora's library will provide a connected environment and all the resources of a Global Business University. It will be equipped with interactive and innovative material resources, exchange areas along with access to a significant online catalog offer.

546 m2 of hybrid environment:

  • Terminals for autonomous e-lending
  • Digital resources for on-line or on-site reading
  • Digital workstations
  • Press & mook collection
  • Renewed book catalog
  • Areas and trainings for doctoring students

The makers’ lab: digital culture and implementation

Embodiment of emlyon's early makers pedagogy, makers' labs are inter-disciplinary places, opening onto the digital world. In keeping with the open-source and the “do it yourself” philosophies, this is where ideas are prototyped and tested. As part of a democratic digital approach, the makers' lab of Ecully and soon that of the agora, also bears the digital qualification school called la toile

The agora's makers' lab will provide a digital and technical equipment of a fab-lab-quality type over 738m2: in free access for all its communities (students, partners, staff, neighboring makers...):

  • A workshop space dedicated to workshops, bootcamps, courses...
  • A machinery space (a milling machine, 15 3D printers, a textile lab...) and a software space with working stations
  • Digital experts to manage and provide guidance for users
  • Online pedagogical content
The makers’ lab an innovative place
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