A few days after the ranking Les Echos START - ChangeNOW was released, in which emlyon is #3 of the most advanced business schools in social and ecological transition, the school introduces an environmental action plan marking its commitment for climate protection.

2030/2050 Climate Plan

After assessing its climate footprint for the first time to identify the school's principal sources of emissions, emlyon business school established the main lines of its Climate Plan for the years to come.

In keeping with the Paris Agreements of December 2015 and in order to contribute to the global effort, emlyon has set the following goals:

  • Reducing by 25% its own emissions by 2030 with a series of internal levers;
  • Contributing to the net-zero by 2050, by compensating its irreducible emissions.

All the school's stakeholders are determined to follow through in this strategic direction via training content (100% of students are trained to environmental issues) and commitment programs (Green Impact Program and CSR ambassadors' network). The Departments of Real Estate, IT, Finance, Human Resources, Programs, the Faculty and Research, but also the Environmental Committee, made of students of emlyon, staff members, professors and professor-researchers, will first address 4 domains and take the following actions:

  • Purchasing (goods and services): The “purchase requesters” are trained to sustainable purchasing in order to integrate CSR criteria in all our purchases and when choosing suppliers. Since 2021, 20% to 30% of emlyon's grade in its calls for tender are based on CSR criteria. The school also just signed off the Sustainable Purchasing Charter with the Observatoire des Achats Responsables (Sustainable Purchasing Observatory);
  • Traveling: Students and professors continue to build awareness on the environmental impact of their travels. The school is also accelerating its European-based mobility policy for academic exchanges and conferences, and its soft-mobility policy with staff members;
  • Energy and facilities: in compliance with the governmental energy instructions, emlyon is lowering its heating temperature to 19°C in all its buildings.** The future campus will include green energies allowing to get rid of gas heating. The school continues its efforts in improving the energy performance of its buildings and facilities (insulation, heating, AC, lights, air care...). Students and staff members are also encouraged to adopt eco-friendly behaviors on campus;
  • IT: emlyon is streamlining its digital equipment and servers park, along with their power consumption. Low-carbon solutions for data storage and communication are preferred, and users are provided with responsible digital practices.
Isabelle Huault, Executive President and Dean of emlyon business school

As a société à mission since July 2021, emlyon has laid down environmental issues at the heart of its strategy. We have rigorously assessed our greenhouse gas emissions allowing to identify concrete lines of improvement on the global green impact of the school, and to determine an ambitious emission reduction target. We fully trust that the whole of emlyon's community shall achieve the goals we have set for ourselves, and together contribute to the global energy sobriety. Our 3rd rank of French business schools in the ranking Les Echos START - ChangeNOW is proof that we are on the right track!

The Echos START - ChangeNOW ranking

On November 03rd, 2022, Les Echos START and ChangeNOW published their second ranking of the schools most committed in social and ecological transition. Recognized for its social and environmental commitment, emlyon is for the second time #3 of French business schools, and more specifically, #1 in a tie, in “Strategy and exemplary conduct of the institution”.

The ranking is based on 56 questions covering 6 fields of rating: Impact density within the program; Access to impact-oriented job market and alumni network; Strategy and exemplary conduct of the institution; Diversity and equal opportunities; Involvement of student associations and awareness campaigns; Academic excellence and employability. The answers of the 58 responding institutions were audited by the independent third-party Deloitte Sustainability France.

About emlyon business school:

Founded in 1872 by the Lyon Chamber of Commerce and Industry, emlyon business school welcomes 9,020 students of 125 nationalities on 6 campuses around the world (Lyon-Ecully, Saint-Étienne, Shanghai, Paris, Bhubaneswar and Mumbai). emlyon relies on a faculty of 172 international professors and researchers and a network of 190 academic partners around the world to offer excellent learning programs that are open to the world. The School has a community of 38,600 graduates in 130 countries. A Mission Company since July 2021, emlyon's raison d'être is to: "train and support throughout their lives enlightened individuals who effectively transform organizations for a more just, supportive and planet-friendly society". Its early makers pedagogy closely links action and reflection. It places the hybridization of skills and social responsibility at the heart of its training programs to bring together the best of the socio-economic and academic worlds.


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