emlyon, an engaged school for engaged students, wants to train “makers” who can explore alternative futures,to build and take actions.

The maker spirit has been constituted emlyon's DNA ever since it was created. The maker spirit is at the heart of its academic model and strategy. That is why our strategic plan is built around the five qualities a maker is expected to demonstrate: academic excellence, entrepreneurial spirit, engagement, hybrid knowledge and resonance.

Academic excellence

Our ambition: Provide the latest scientific output and the best teachings to each student.

  • Making major investments in the recruitment of top world-class professors-researchers: 50 new positions by 2028.
  • Launching the Healthcare Innovation, Technology & Society Institute (HITS).
  • Ramping up in signing off research chairs with the best companies in energy and health-related subjects.
  • Developing our capacity to answer the large international calls for projects (ERC, ANR).
  • Disseminating our research more widely in the mainstream media, in addition to our scientific publications.
  • Providing our students with innovations in digital pedagogy via our new classrooms and a micro learning complementary micro-learning approach.
  • 100% of our degree programs integrating an initiation to research.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Our ambition: Allow each and every one to become action-driven leaders.

  • The surface dedicated to the makers' lab is doubled on our new campus.
  • 100% of our students training is based on an action learning pedagogy: think to do and do to think.
  • Provide the support and guidance of our incubator, a front-runner in France over the past 40 years, and that of our Sustainable Entrepreneurship Institute, launched in 2024.
  • Creating a fund with impact with the support of the emlyon alumni.
  • Reinforcing the leadership of our programs designed to support High-Level Athletes from the start of their career to their professional retraining.


Our ambition: Increase our impact, reduce our footprint.

  • Transformation of all our teachings, with SDGs inside, driven by the Associate Dean to the pedagogy in Anthropocene.
  • Creation of an Academy of the Transition, to reinforce the impact of all experiential pedagogical projects (Responsible Commitment Program, makers' projects, TEM, etc.) in which students are committed to address the ecological crisis, with a specific perspective on decarbonized neo-industrialization.
  • Training of 100% of our students, professors and staff members to social and environmental issues.
  • Consolidation of all these initiatives related to social diversity within a Solidarity & Inclusion Center to take actions from education orientation, to integration and up to professional insertion.
  • Scholarships dedicated to the Global BBA students providing up to 100 free tuition fees.
  • Implementation of our Climate Plan and contribution to a net zero by 2030.

Hybrid knowledge

Our ambition: Develop openness and multidisciplinarity in connection with society and the planet.

  • Systematic hybridization (CHELs, Artificial Intelligence, Data, Arts, Social Sciences, Design Thinking, soft skills).
  • Creating new double and triple degrees (European Master in Management, Finance & Technology with Politecnico di Milano and Bayes Business School; schools of the Galileo Global Education Group - Cours Florent, Strate, Penninghen, Istituto Marangoni…).
  • Accelerating the development of a Global Manage-ment University, primarily in Europe.

Resonance: openness and exchanges

Our ambition: Allow each student of emlyon business school to interact at the very heart of the city in connection with other ecosystems and the rest of the world.

  • Transferring the School's activities to Lyon city-center as of September 2024 to develop student engagement, reflexivity, employability, creativity, projects...
  • Increasing our presence in Paris and acting for the international outreach of Lyon.
  • Reinforcing our international attractiveness, especially in Africa and amplifying our historical cooperation with China and India.
  • Developing and promoting the outreach of the alumni community across the world.
  • Providing companies with a comprehensive and collaborative service offer.
  • Creating connections with executive leaders as part of the Leadership Academy For New Futures.