Accelerate your project.

It deserves it.

The emlyon business school accelerator offers a range of short and intensive specialized programs to enable a speedy, controlled transition from start-up to scale-up.

Innovation, connection and performance

The accelerator draws on emlyon business school's resources, expertise and network to promote open innovation and encourage collaboration between the start-ups and the business and academic stakeholders.

It acts as an aggregator and disseminator of innovation, fostering shared value creation among the ecosystem's various stakeholders.

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What sort of projects are concerned?

  • Start-ups
  • The most innovative intrapreneurial projects in the EdJobTech, Sport Tech and Digital sectors;
  • In-house projects led by intrapreneurs or managers, in the growth and hyper-growth phases.


  • Join the business networks
  • Consolidate the business model and hone the market approach
  • Connect with users/customers and investors
  • Learn to steer sustainable growth
  • Learn the hyper-growth phase

Our specialized programs

Ed Job Tech

Designed for start-ups and corporate new-business projects in the following areas: education, life-long learning, employability


Sport Tech

Designed for start-ups in the sports sector (equipment, performance, fan experience, e-sport, sport health and nutrition, etc.). Works directly with the Lyon Olympique Universitaire rugby union team and GL events.


Digital Booster

Designed for early-stage start-ups with a strong digital dimension. Works directly with CEGID.


Our partnership programs

DeepTech Unit

I-LAB program, offers Deep Tech projects from French research laboratories.

I-LAB program in partnership with the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation:

program to support the launch of Deep Tech projects developed by French research laboratories. In partnership with the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.

Digital Startup Program in partnership with INRIA - National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation:

program to support the launch of projects developed at INRIA.


Social Impact Unit

Entrepreneurs in the city: a free program, reveals the entrepreneurs of the neighborhoods.

Entrepreneurs in the City, in partnership with Sport in the City:

Entrepreneurs in the City runs a totally free excellence program committed to revealing the entrepreneurial talents in the city's less privileged districts, bringing each project to life and helping to create a more inclusive world.

The program, which was co-created by emlyon business school and Sport in the City in 2007, has already guided and supported 243 entrepreneurs and resulted in the creation of 167 companies.

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Corporate Innovation I Newbiz Unit

Tailor-made acceleration program for innovative projects of existing companies.

Tailored acceleration program:

to boost innovative projects led by existing companies: SMEs, intermediate-sized companies, corporate accounts.


Work with the emlyon business school accelerator

Interested in playing a part in developing the start-ups we support? Or meeting them in an open innovation approach?

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