Mickael Romezy I  Director of sport programs and SHN

"We are convinced that elite athletes, through their level of expertise and demands, develop unique skills and knowledge throughout their career. However, we note that there is a strong dichotomy between the need of companies to recruit these high potentials with atypical profiles and their degree of employability.

Bringing these two worlds together therefore seems fundamental to us.
emlyon business school's ambition is to give high-level athletes the necessary tools to express their full potential, at the service of companies.

We offer four specific training programs - from post-secondary level through to retraining for a career change - tailored to fit in with elite athletes' constraints. The entrance exams and the learning content are the same as for all learners. However, the course structure has been adjusted to allow elite athletes to reconcile a dual sporting and academic life project. The end goal is still to achieve premium employability.

Since 2019, 350 athletes have already joined our programs: young hopefuls such as Iliana RUPERT, Mathilde GROS, Shirine BOUKLI, Erwan KONATE, Jeanne SADRAN, career athletes such as Floria GUEI, Marie Eve GAHIE as well as great champions in the process of retraining, such as Thierry DUSAUTOIR, Sébastien CHABAL, Frédéric MICHALACK, Ali TRAORE, Axel TOUPANE, Paoline SALAGNAC, Ingrid TANQUERAY, Yoann BAGOT, Jérôme COUSIN, Ronny TURIAF…"

Specific training programs adapted to the constraints of high level athletes.

Programs adapted to High-Performance Athletes

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emlyon business school graduates currently working in sport include

  • Nathalie PECHALAT, President of the French Ice Sports Federation
  • Gwendal PEIZERAT, Ice dancer, World Champion and Olympic Champion
  • Florence MASNADA Consultant, NAG
  • Romain RIBOUD Member of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games Organising Committee - PMO Impact et Héritage
  • Julien DESPRES Business leader, Artisans et Ambassadeurs
  • Yoann BAGOT Entrepreneur & Co-founder of Sports'N Connect
  • Mathieu GIUDICELLI Managing Director of Provale

Support systems for SHN

41-year-old Sébastien Chabal, former French international rugbyman and participant in the Executive MBA

I'm running multiple businesses today, so I'm hoping this Executive MBA course will give me the tools I need for a better grasp of my businesses. The level of expertise provided by this program will help me understand the economic disruptions of tomorrow. I want to keep up with the times.