Responsible Engagement track

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The school created in 2016, a unique initiative: the Responsible Engagement track as part of the Grande Ecole Program.

What does the Responsible Engagement Track consist in?

The objective of this initiative is to raise awareness in students about social and environmental issues, to turn them into responsible actors aware of the challenges ahead, ready to commit to and defend their values for the common good.

They are requested to engage in a volunteer mission with social and/or environmental impact. They need to do at least 50 hours in a field mission with a partner association. In so doing, they create, co-create and take part in projects, while developing their innovative potential for the general interest, in keeping with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. This track is one of a kind in our environment, as it is a graduation requirement of the Grande École Program. It was made compulsory for all students in the Grande Ecole Program in 2018, and from year one on, since 2022.

A three-fold experiential learning:

This pathway takes the form of a progressive, three-phase process of experiential learning:
1. A mandatory 50-hour “field” phase in connection with the Sustainable Development Goals. Students undertake "field" assignments, in direct contact with the beneficiaries of over 60 emlyon partner associations and student associations, or in associations they have selected. At the end of their engagement, they move on to a reflective phase by validating a Responsible Associative Engagement class with feedback, an evaluation of their contribution to the SDGs, an impact assessment and mapping of their CSR skills.
2. An in-depth phase: this voluntary phase builds on the introductory phase through a further 50 hours of investment.
3. A social entrepreneurship phase with the creation of a project and an academic complement: student volunteers can professionalize their social entrepreneurship approach. By creating a project for their chosen structure, they develop their potential for innovation and qualify for the Annual Social Entrepreneurship Awards.

Students who have also taken at least one in-depth course specific to the Phase 1 assignment are awarded a social entrepreneurship certificate.

This certificate validates the long duration of the engagement, the social and environmental innovation and professionalization, as well as the ability to change and transform. It raises awareness of the value of a sincere and committed approach.

In 2022/2023:

completed by our students
students invested in 50 additional hours
students were awarded the Social Entrepreneurship Certificate
projects selected, involving 59 students
Responsible Engagement track of emlyon business school

Main themes of engagement

SDG 10
Reducing inequality
SDG 4  
Access to quality education