Getting a VISA
The steps to take

First of all, please check whether you actually need a visa to come to France

For the majority of emlyon programs, you will need to apply for a long-stay study visa (more than 90 days).

The procedure for applying for a visa varies with the country. You can check for the correct procedure on this website

Please also check whether you are concerned by the pre-consular "Études en France" procedure

for the majority of emlyon programs, you must apply for a long-stay study visa

Renewing a French student residence permit
ANEF procedure

The student must begin the renewal procedure from 180 days until maximum 60 days before the expiration date of his/her current residence permit/visa.

Since mid-September 2020, applications to have a residence permit renewed have to be lodged online through the ANEF website (digital administrative procedures for foreigners in France).

At each stage of the application's processing, the student receives a notification of its progress status.

  1. First, when the student lodges their online application, they receive confirmation that their application for renewal has been lodged,
  2. Subsequently, when the préfecture starts to process their application, they receive a statement that the application for an extension of their residence permit is being processed,
  3. Lastly, when the application is approved, the préfecture issues a statement of approval.

The préfectures do not issue receipts.

Before lodging your application for renewal, you are asked to contact your ISO coordinator, who will check your documents to eliminate any errors and reduce the processing lead time.

You will find here a handy guide to help you with the renewal procedure.

The health insurance system
in France

Social Security

Social security is managed by the "Assurance Maladie" state health cover, which reimburses part of your medical expenses (the mandatory share). All students must be affiliated with the French social security system: the Caisse primaire d'assurance maladie ("CPAM"). This is mandatory and completely free of charge.

If you plan to spend more than 90 days in France: you must register with the CPAM on the dedicated website:

You are not subject to this requirement if you are a European Union citizen and hold a European Health Insurance Card ("CEAM" in French).

If you are staying less than 90 days in France, you must hold international health insurance that covers you in France.

Even if you have to register with the French Social Security system, we recommend that you also come with international insurance cover.

Understand how medical expenses are reimbursed

In France, the reimbursement of medical expenses is divided into three parts:

  • The mandatory portion: reimbursed by the French social security system
  • The complementary portion: reimbursed by your mutual health insurance scheme
  • The fixed contribution: which you pay, whatever the case (unless you are receiving "RSA" benefits and/or are covered by the "CMU-C" universal health cover)
In France, the reimbursement of medical expenses is divided into 3 parts

Top-up health insurance ("mutuelle")

Top-up health insurance, also called a "mutuelle", is additional health insurance cover that you can take out to obtain better reimbursements of your medical care. There are many top-up health insurance companies and we would advise you to compare their prices and levels of cover so that you can choose the one best suited to your needs.

There is no obligation to take out top-up health insurance.

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Your registration to emlyon
Administrative registration

Administrative registration is a crucial step for coming to study at emlyon business school.

This step must be completed after your application and admission process, and before your arrival at emlyon business school.

To do so, simply log on to the dedicated website: and follow the instructions.

Once you have completed your online administrative registration file, you will immediately have access to your school attendance certificate.

Your contacts: