Application fees

  • There are no application fees

Administrative fees

  • Registration fees: 300 Euros¤
  • CVEC (Contribution à la Vie Etudiante et de Campus): 92 Euros¤
    ¤ Subject to change every year. Note that the CVEC and the Registration fees cannot be covered by a waiver and must be paid by the student every year.

Tuition fees

  • Academic fees are waived for all admitted students to the Ph.D. programme.

Financial support

  • All PhD students benefit from financial aid provided by the school. This aid includes a TRA (teaching and research assistantship) and a generous living allowance, coming to a total of around 27,000 euros per year.
  • Financial support is available for the five years of study, provided the student's academic performance is satisfactory.


Catherine PERRIER