Parham ASHUR,
Ph.D student

Graduated from the University of Amsterdam with a Master of Science in Economics, and from Skema Business School with a Master of Research in Management and Innovation, Parham is interested in investigating the emergence of entrepreneurial cooperatives and democratic workplaces. He is also intrigued with state-of-the-art technologies such as eye-tracking and neuroimaging devices like EEG and fMRI. He has been involved in research projects at LSCP, a psycholinguistic laboratory at École Normale Supérieure (ENS), the psychology department of Paris Descartes University, and the Center for Research in Experimental Economics and Political Decision Making (CREED) in Amsterdam.


Ph.D student

With a background in Management, Chaïma is graduated from EDHEC Business school and holds an Mphil in Management (Mines Paristech/ Nanterre University). She has evolved in different types of companies (NGO, SME, international firms) as an analyst. She is particularly interested in Social entrepreneurship.

Ph.D candidate

Educated in France and the UK with a background in Management and Social Science. Her research interests include entrepreneurship, community and memory studies.


  • 2017: Mphil in Management
  • 2009 - 2013: Master in Politics and International Relations - University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Her research interests include entrepreneurship, community and memory studies.


Ph.D candidate

Singaporean, Su-Lyn graduated from Singapore Management University (SMU) with a degree in Political Science and Law, and received an MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Lund University, Sweden. She has prior experience both as an entrepreneur, and within the private sector in Business Development and Marketing roles across various industries. Her current research interests include Entrepreneurial Finance, Failure and Cultural Implications


Roscoe D'SOUZA
Ph.D candidate

Indian, Roscoe has varied experience of nearly 8 years in marketing, sales and education roles with different organisations in both, for and not-for profit sectors. His current research interests include institutions, organisations such as NGO's and social enterprises and justice issues such as modern slavery and human trafficking.


  • 2015 - 2016: Ph.D in Management, emlyon Business School, France
  • 2009: Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing, TSM, India
  • 2005: Post Graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship, EDI, India
  • 2003: Bachelor in Accounting, HR College, Mumbai University


  • Institutions and Organisations
  • NGO's and Social Enterprises
  • Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

Soumyo DAS
Ph.D student

From India, Soumyo's research interests lie in the fields of Information Systems & Organisational Change, Alternative Organisations, and Innovation Management. Trained as a qualitative researcher, Soumyo's previous research focused on studying changes in organisational forms and functions due to IS-implementation. He is also interested in ICT4D research, exploring the role of ICTs in e-governance and welfare benefit programs. Soumyo holds a Research Master's degree in IT & Society from IIIT Bangalore, and was formerly an Associate with TCSL, New Delhi.


  • 2017 - 2020: MS by Research in Information Technology & Society, IIIT Bangalore, India
  • 2013 - 2017: Bachelor of Technology in Electronics & Communication Engineering, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, India


Ph.D candidate

From Iran, Taha is an MBA graduate from IAU of Iran, with a background in engineering. He has more than ten years of professional experience in business development and marketing consultancy within various industries and several startups. He has developed his skills in quantitative methods and problem-solving and has prior experience in teaching and research assistantship. His research interests include Innovation Management and New Product Development.


Federica FUSARO
Ph.D student

Her research interests include entrepreneurial exit, careers of entrepreneurs post exits, social value creation through entrepreneurship programs, individual performance management and behavioral effect of incentives. She also has over 13 year experience as a Business Developer and Project Manager in International SMEs in the translation and circular economy industries and more recently at emlyon business school incubator.


  • 2017: International Master in Business Administration, IAE Lyon, France


  • 2019 - 2020: Research Assistant, emlyon business school
  • 2011 - 2019: Business Developper, Codeo Group, France
  • 2007 - 2011: Translation project Manager, Birdwell Institute, France


  • Entrepreneurship, Incubators, Organizational Behavior, Circular Economy, Behavioral effects of Incentives.


Ph.D candidate

I am Iranian, I am an MBA graduate from ATU of Iran, with a background in Urban engineering. After graduation, I started my own business and lunched an online-store specialized in video game industry. I am really interested in Digitalization. Bearing in mind that digitalization is changing humans and organization's habitats, I am encouraged to consider the effects and implications of the digitalization trend on human lives as a potential research area. in particular, topics like digital innovation, and digital entrepreneurship.

Ph.D candidate

I am a PhD candidate in organization studies and a member of OCE (Organizations, Critical, and Ethnographic perspectives) research center. I am interested in the study of work, employment practices and precarity. My work is mainly qualitative in nature and my dissertation is based on ethnographic data collected in a ‘semi-industrial' setting which combines elements of craft work, manual work, and mechanical work in its production process. I analyzed the everyday activities of both temporary and permanent operators on the shopfloor, their interactions with tools and machines, and how they valued and understood their work in a context characterized by low wages, high turnover, and uncertainty.


Ph.D candidate

From Germany & Argentina, Felix graduated from Lund University with a research M.Sc. in Psychology and a M.Sc. in Entrepreneurship & Innovation. His current research interest revolves about entrepreneurial behavior. Felix is a proponent of open science practices and has an interest in statistics


Ph.D student

Cédric has eight years of professional experience in emerging and developed markets: he conducted audit and consulting assignments for a banking group (BPCE General Inspection) and worked as a project director and financial supervisor for a microfinance group (Advans). He is particularly interested in exploring the role of businesses in society and how they incorporate social and environmental goals in their strategy. He holds a Master in Management and Master of Science in Finance from Grenoble EM.

Ph.D student

Rachel Le Marois graduated from Reims (France) in 2010 with a master's degree in Packaging Engineering and has since then been working for various kind of organizations such as multinational (Unilever and BAYER), SMB and Start up in the UK and in France. Her current research interests include organizational behavior, more specifically, the study of the organizational mechanisms regarding the management of the peoples who grow up with invisible differences.

Ben LI
Ph.D candidate

From China, Ben graduated from Cass Business School, UK with a MSc in Management in 2012.
He has more than six years of professional working experiences in marketing, business development and management consulting across various industries. His past employers and clients covered most forms and natures of business, ranging from multi-national companies, large state-owned enterprises, private SMEs to entrepreneurial start-ups.
His current research interests include CSR, Sustainable Management (especially for SMEs), Sustainability Entrepreneurship and China-related Topics.

Ph.D candidate

Elise graduated from emlyon with a Master in management, and completed the Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship and Arts (I.D.E.A) program, a joint diploma led by emlyon and l'Ecole Centrale de Lyon. Her dissertation builds on an ethnography of the French yellow vests and intends to understand how experienced or performed violence may shape collective action and alter social movements' organizing endeavors. She investigates how activists navigate and respond to coercive repression and how it affects their attempts to produce social changes and to organize alternative ways of living together. More broadly, her current research interests include secrecy and hidden organizing, especially as they apply to illicit activities.


  • 2018 - present: Programme PhD, emlyon business school, France
  • 2020 - present: Doctoral student at PSL Research University – Université Paris-Dauphine


  • Since 2018: member of Organizations, Critical and Ethnographic Perspectives (OCE), emlyon Business School
  • Since 2020: member of DRM-MOST (CNRS, UMR 7088), PSL Research University – Université Paris-Dauphine
  • Since 2020: member of the European Group for Organization Studies (EGOS)


  • RECAPSS, Applied Research in Social Sciences (Instructor, emlyon business school, France, French, 2020-2021)
  • Power and Politics (Guest Lecturer, emlyon business school, France, English, 2020-2021)
  • Social Entrepreneurship (Guest Lecturer, emlyon business school, France, French, 2020-2021)
  • Sociology of Actors Networks (Guest instructor, Université de Lyon, France, French, 2018)
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Instructor, Centro Municipal de Emprendimiento, Guatemala, Spanish, 2017)


  • Social movements, social change, collective action, alternative organizations, democratic decision making
  • Violence, radicalism, high-commitment, violent tactics, repression
  • Hidden and clandestine organizations, secrecy, illicit activities
  • Ethnography and qualitative research


LOBBEDEZ, Elise. “The Soft Flank Effect: An Amplifying and Sustaining Mechanism for Social Movement's Radical Protests Tactics.”

  • 37th EGOS, European Group for Organizational Studies, Amsterdam, July 2021 (online)
  • SSSP 2021 Annual Meeting, Society for the Study of Social Problems, Chicago (online)

LOBBEDEZ, Elise and BUCHTER, Lisa. The Strength of Pushback: Collective Identity in Fragmented Mass Movements.

  • 36th EGOS, European Group for Organizational Studies, Hamburg, July 2020 (online)
  • Qualitative Research Seminar Series, Ethnography Atelier, Lyon, December 2020 (online)

Research workshops

  • 36th EGOS Pre-colloquium “Taking Sides: Activism, Knowledge Production and Education in the Climate Crisis”, Hamburg, July 2020 (online)
  • Research Day “Les Gilets Jaunes en politique”, CEE, Sciences Po, Paris, 2019
  • Research Day « Dialogue sociale à l'aune des ordonnances Macron », OCE, emlyon business school, Lyon, 2018


Tristan MAY
Ph.D candidate

German, educated in Switzerland, France, and Germany. His research centers upon institutional work and organizational identity construction. He's interested in multimodal modes of communication and legitimization, and how collective and organizational perceptions are recursively constructed through diverse forms of intereacting narratives: material, visual and verbal. He studies empirical settings like the field of Scotch Whisky distilleries, the art world of fashion, and the electric guitar industry.


  • 2013 - 2018: PhD in Management - emlyon business school, France
  • 2011 - 2013: Master in Marketing, Services and Communication Management -University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
  • 2012 - 2012: Semester Abroad - emlyon business school, France
  • 2010 - 2011: Master in Quantitative Economics and Finance -University of Kiel, Germany (not completed)
  • 2007 - 2010: Bachelor in Business Administration -University of Cologne, Germany


  • 2012: Business Development, Internship in start-up, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 2012: Marketing & PR, Internship in small-sized luxury business, Munich, Germany


  • Quantitative Methods


  • FORGUES Bernard, MAY Tristan (2014). Materializing Legitimacy Claims, A Study of Scotch Whisky Distilleries. 10th New Institutionalism Workshop, Rome, March 20-21, 2014.
  • FORGUES Bernard, MAY Tristan (2014). Status Claims and Overlapping Categorical Schemes, Looking for Boundary Conditions on the Categorical Imperative. 30th EGOS Colloquium, Rotterdam, July 3-5, 2014.
  • MAY Tristan (2016). If 6 was 9: Rhetorical History and the Instrumentalization of Symbolic Guitar Heroes in the Crafting of Iconic Electric Guitars. CMS Colloquium, Scholarly Engagement at Times of Disengagement, Lyon, March 17–18, 2016.
  • MAY Tristan (2016). Out of the wood: Legitimizing the solid body electric guitar. 6th Organizations, Artifacts, and Practices (OAP) Workshop, Materiality and Institutions
in Management and Organization Studies, Lisbon, June 23-24, 2016.
  • MAY Tristan (2016). If 6 was 9: Rhetorical history and the multimodal reissuing of a glorious past. 32nd EGOS Colloquium, Naples, July 7-9, 2016.
  • MAY Tristan (2016). While My Guitar Gently Weeps: Iconic Guitarists and Their Organizational Turnaround. ISA Forum of Sociology, Vienna, July 10-14, 2016.
  • MAY Tristan (2015). If 6 Was 9: Rhetorical History and the Instrumentalization of Symbolic Guitar Heroes in the Crafting of Iconic Electric Guitars. PDW on Uses of the Past: History and Memory in Organizations and Organizing, Copenhagen, December 9, 2015.
  • MAY Tristan (2016). Rhetorical history and the multimodal reissuing of a glorious past. EGOS Pre-Colloquium PDW #5, Language, visuals, materiality, and beyond: Multimodal research in organization and management studies, Naples, July 6, 2016.
  • FORGUES Bernard, MAY Tristan (2016). Message in a Bottle:
Multimodal Legitimacy and Identity Construction in the Field of Single Malt Scotch Whisky. 2nd International Conference: Visuality, Materiality,... Multimodality: Novel (methodological) approaches to the study of meaning, organizations and institutions, Copenhagen, September 22-23, 2016.


Hussein NASSER
Ph.D student

Born and raised in Lebanon, Hussein has a background in institutional management. He graduated with a research master's degree from the Lebanese University in Management and Marketing. His thesis focused on human resources and gender studies. Hussein has had more than ten years of work experience in the public organizations sphere in Lebanon. His research interests scope areas such as strategy, leadership, and culture.



Ph.D candidate

Iranian, educated in Iran, Netherlands, Spain and France. She received her first master in industrial engineering and second master in business and finance. After some experience of accounting research she moved to emlyon for her PhD studies.
Besides academia, she is passionate for about sports specially cycling and mountain climbing.


Cristian TABORDA
Ph.D candidate

Cristian comes from Colombia. He holds an M.Sc. in Business Administration from Radboud University in the Netherlands together with an M.Phil. in System Dynamics Modelling. Cristian's academic interests are driven primarily by tackling complex managerial and societal challenges. His research focuses on modelling the conceptual, methodological and empirical challenges n achieving sustainable pathways of diffusion towards sustainable, healthy, circular and resource-efficient food systems.


  • 2017: M.Sc. in Business Administration and M.Phil. in System Dynamics Modelling, Radboud University, Joint diploma from Bergen University, Palermo University and Lisbon University
  • 2013: Bachelor Science of Economics, University Icesi, Colombia


  • 2015 - 2017: European Master in System Dynamics - Consortium Scholarship. Erasmus Mundus programme funded by the Education, Audiovisual & Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) of the Commission of the European Communities


  • 2018 - On Going: Research Assistant : System dynamics modelling, EmLyon, Eculy France
  • 2017 - 2017: Teaching Assistant at the faculty of management : his main responsibility was to lecture seminars and support bachelor and pre master students with their assignments for the courses Methods of Research and Interventions, and Qualitative Research Methods. Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
  • 2017 - 2017: Supply Chain Modelling Internship : his main responsibility was to update and extend a quantitative supply chain model for Toon which is one of the innovations of the company, as well as elicit information from the stakeholders through group model building sessions. Eneco Group in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

His professional interest rely in tackling complex managerial problems using systems thinking and computer simulation approaches. His current research focus is to understand drivers of sustainable market transformations.

System Dynamics Society since 2015 on going

Ph.D candidate

Joseph Tixier graduated from development economics in France and has since then been working for international organizations (UNESCO, OECD) on projects focusing on technical vocational education and training and local entrepreneurship support systems. These projects aimed at advising policy makers and governmental officials on the design of education programmes embedded in a local economic context to foster entrepreneurial behaviors for economic development purposes. His research interest is on the multiple aspects of entrepreneurship education, from the conditions required to foster and nurture entrepreneurial intentions and behaviors to the impact it can have on organizations and their social context. His policy making and analysis background is greatly influencing his work.


Shriya VERMA
Ph.D student

From India, Shriya is an MBA graduate from Institute of Management Technology Ghaziabad(IMT-G), India with a background in engineering. Before joining emlyon, she worked as an analyst with Group Citi where she was involved in Measuring and Optimizing Campaigns.