emlyon business school and the Cours Florent are announcing the launching of their Bachelor of Arts in Acting & Entrepreneurship, allowing future students to develop their artistic and entrepreneurial skills. This unique Bachelor pairs both institutions to create an innovative program in English, not only providing for an internationally renowned theater training, but also the development of managerial competences.

Open to French students with a Baccalauréat or to international students (with a degree equivalent to the French Baccalauréat), the new Bachelor will start as of September 2024. It will take place in Paris, on the Parisian campus of emlyon business school and on that of the Cours Florent. Students will be able to develop their interpretation skills as actors with an expertise in management. This Bachelor is born from a conviction: the development of entrepreneurial and managerial knowledge will allow artistic profiles to widen their sphere of possibilities - opting for an acting career, finding their own place in a rich and varied ecosystem (production, broadcasting, creating cultural structures...) - It will actually provide students with methods, tools and postures to take artistic projects all over the world, while being pro-active in their own career.

A unique Bachelor built on competence hybridization

The Bachelor of Arts in Acting & Entrepreneurship intimately connects the development of artistic skills, focused on acting on a movie set and in front of a camera, and the development of entrepreneurial competences in order to:

  • Give to the future artist-entrepreneurs a fine understanding of the rules of the game of the entertainment industry and its economic reality,
  • Allow students to promote their artistic projects in an entrepreneurial perspective,
  • Provide experience-based teachings via:
    -Artistic projects led in an entrepreneurial dynamic: from its origins to its pitch in front of the stakeholders.
    -Experience-sharing through conferences and debates, workshops, meet ups with professionals of the artistic world (theater, audiovisuals, ...) and entrepreneurs.
    -Development of soft skills common to actors and entrepreneurs (stress management, cross-cultural communication, collaborative approach...).
  • Support students in the construction of their professional project with coaching and pitching workshops, preparations of demo tapes, etc.
  • Open them to digital technologies and to their transformation potential in both their entrepreneurial approach and their artistic performance.

A program providing students with the best of both worlds, artistic and entrepreneurial

Designed by the pedagogical teams of emlyon business school and of the Cours Florent, the Bachelor of Arts in Acting & Entrepreneurship will provide a-3-year hybrid program taught in English:

  • Year one: acquiring method and work frameworks in knowing yourself in the group and on stage.
  • Year two: artistic project and entrepreneurship
  • Year three: development of the artistic entrepreneurial project

The objective is to combine the spirit of excellence characterizing both institutions so well-renowned in their respective worlds.

Future students will thus be able to:

  • Start their acting career with gained experience about how the ecosystem works, proving more successful in their interactions and able to develop their own artistic projects.
  • Commit to an entrepreneurial project relative to this domain (festivals, production...).
  • Follow suit with an international Master of Fine Arts or a track in cultural business management.
Isabelle Huault, Executive President and Dean of emlyon business school

I am very much looking forward to this new Bachelor of Arts in Acting & Entrepreneurship, which revolves around artistic creativity and entrepreneurial competences. Hybridization is at the heart of the strategy of emlyon business school - and this program beautifully illustrates it. Associating top tier expertises which had never been merged before, shall be a major asset for students. I want to thank the teams of emlyon business school and those of the Cours Florent who have worked enthusiastically at launching this new program, which will undoubtedly be a hit with students.

For Simone Strickner, Director of the Cours Florent

We are delighted about this common program with emlyon business school which, in a never-seen-before approach, will allow young creative minds throughout the world to be ready for an international career: to be both performers and entrepreneurs, actors of their own journey, creators of tomorrow's artistic world. This innovative program taught in English will provide the solid backbone students need to build unboxed and frontier-free professional tracks.

About emlyon business school:

Founded in 1872 by the Lyon CCI, emlyon business school has an enrollment of 9,050 students of 125 nationalities over 6 campuses worldwide (Lyon-Ecully, Saint-Etienne, Shanghai, Paris, Bhubaneswar and Mumbai). emlyon draws on a Faculty of 166 international professors and researchers, and a network of 200 global academic partners, to provide learning tracks of excellence opened to the world. emlyon runs a community of 41,700 alumni spread out in 130 countries. As a Société à Mission since July 2021, emlyon's raison d'être consists in: “providing life-long training and support to meaningful individuals able to transform organizations, for a fairer society, with more solidarity and respect for the planet.” In its early makers pedagogy, action and reflection are closely intertwined. Skill hybridization and social responsibility are at the heart of its training programs, where the best of both socio-economic and academic worlds meet.

About the Cours Florent

The Cours Florent is an emblematic drama school specializing in live performance and audiovisual broadcasting. From Isabelle Adjani, Diane Kruger, Benjamin Lavernhe and Pauline Clément to Pierre Niney, there is a long list of famous people from the theater or the movies who “took Florent” (“fait Florent”). The school was founded in 1967 by François Florent, a man of the theater and a recognized teacher for his innovative approach of artistic teaching. He created a well-structured and demanding pedagogical program allowing the artistic singularity of every student to emerge. Over the last 50 years, the Cours Florent has never stopped reinventing itself to provide students with the necessary toolkit to bloom, through a well-articulated approach continuously renewed. Today, the school is training professionals of the theater, the movies, but also of the musicals and music.

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