For the September 2022 incoming students of the Grande Ecole Program, emlyon will finance up to 100% of the tuition fees for students with a CROUS scholarship, according to their echelon. This is a financial lever coming as a complement to the equal chance programs emlyon has been implementing since 2006, in favor of social diversity.

A voluntarist policy for all students from the Grande Ecole Program with scholarships

With the objective to welcome 30% of students with scholarships by 2025, the School is implementing a new voluntarist policy of scholarships, fairer and with more solidarity in favor of future students from the MSc in Management - Grande Ecole Program. As a société à mission since July 2021, emlyon will provide financial support for CROUS scholarship students thereby offering free tuition fees for students with an echelon 7 scholarship.

Amount covered by emlyon:

  • Echelon 0 bis: 5%
  • Echelon 1: 10%
  • Echelon 2: 15%
  • Echelon 3: 20%
  • Echelon 4: 30%
  • Echelon 5: 50%
  • Echelon 6: 75%
  • Echelon 7: 100%

Measures taken by emlyon in favor of social diversity

emlyon also reinforces its program on equal chances and signs off a new partnership with the Federation of the “Territoires aux Grandes Ecoles”. This program aims at providing youngsters from rural areas, access to higher education and preparatory classes. In such territorial high-schools, emlyon students will come to speak with high-schoolers to inform them on the potential options they have after their baccalaureate, offering mentoring, testifying of their own experience, and fighting against self-censorship.

As as an addition to everything the School has been implementing for the past 15 years under the Government label called the “Cordées de la Réussite”:

  • “Trait d'Union Multi-campus Multi-quartiers (TUMM) and Trait d'Union Prépa (TUP)”, these programs support access to higher education and culture for youngsters from priority education zones or from rural areas with the support of our volunteer students.
  • The “ABC du Grand Oral” project was launched in 2020/2021 in the Condorcet high-school in Saint Priest; its objective is to help out high-schoolers in preparing for the new exam test of the Baccalaureate. It was spread to several other classes in September 2021.
  • In 2022, emlyon is also launching a new program called “Orientation, Nouveaux Horizons” to guide high-schoolers from rural areas of the Auvergne Rhône Alpes Region through long and selective study tracks, and increase social and territorial diversity in the French Great Schools.

The national “Cordées de la Réussite” week, from January 17th to 22nd, is an opportunity to highlight the features set to encourage high-schoolers in taking ambitious orientation tracks.

Isabelle Huault, Présidente du Directoire et Directrice Générale d’emlyon business school

Since it was created 150 years ago now, emlyon has focused on the quality of its training programs and research, but it is also aware of its responsibilities, it stands as a link with society while deeply rooted in the City. It must be active in terms of social and territorial inclusion and diversity; so that no talented high-schooler goes without higher education because of his/her social or geographical background. The School is proud to be activating solidarity measures and financial levers, via a scholarship policy much more voluntarist and ambitious, to encourage students in joining our programs, vectors of emancipation, social advancement and employability.

About emlyon business school:

Founded in 1872 by the Lyon CCI, emlyon business school has an enrollment of 8,900 students of 121 nationalities over 7 campuses worldwide (Lyon, Shanghai, Saint-Etienne, Casablanca, Paris, Bhubaneswar and Mumbai). emlyon draws on a Faculty of 170 international professors and researchers, and a network of 190 global academic partners, to provide learning tracks of excellence and open to the world. emlyon runs a community of 37,500 alumni spread out in 130 countries. As a Société à Mission since July 2021, emlyon's raison d'être consists in: “providing life-long training and support to meaningful individuals able to transform organizations, for a fairer society, with more solidarity and respect for the planet.” In its early makers pedagogy, action and reflection are closely intertwined. Skill hybridization and social responsibility are at the heart of its training programs, where the best of both socio-economic and academic worlds meet.

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