The Pack: a Sport Business acceleration platform at the heart of the societal issues

emlyon business school

With the emergence of new practices that take place outside traditional structures (such as clubs and federations) and unabashedly strive for performance, and with the arrival of new technologies, new models and priorities are emerging in the field of sport. emlyon business school has set out to be a major stakeholder in this revolution by creating specialized guidance programs designed to support startups promoting disruptive solutions.

To foster the emergence of these innovative projects, emlyon business school is banking on the strength of combined forces by teaming up with the Lyon Olympique Universitaire rugby union team and GL Events. With their networks of professionals, the quality of their infrastructures and their expertise in event management, these two stakeholders offer startups a prime ecosystem for boosting their development.

The Banque Populaire Auvergne Rhône-Alpes is also a key player in this comprehensive system in its role as major sponsorship partner.