early makers hub

A new campus and hub of student life in the heart of Lyon

In the run-up to its 150th anniversary, emlyon business school was keen to craft a place of education in keeping with its history and prestige, addressing the current upheavals in technology and society, and continuously adapting to the uncertain changes that will be the hallmark of the next few decades.

The Gerland Hub was born of this ambition; it is: A "next generation" campus, an accessible and open third place in the heart of Lyon's Gerland district. The site will be directly connected to its environmental ecosystem, the local, European and international public authorities, and the socio-economic communities, creating a unique and innovative setting for education and networking.

Beginning of work
Opening of the Gerland Hub
An accessible “new generation” campus, in the heart of the Gerland district in Lyon.
A place of education worthy of the history and influence of emlyon business school.
real estate development
teaching facilities
m² of facilities
for collaborative and experiential learning
The project is a strategic opportunity to consolidate emlyon business school's development path

The nearly 30,000 m2 building project unveiled in 2019 will be erected on the former Nexans brownfield site in Lyon's 7th district. This hub will be a constantly evolving space for "flows", i.e. interactions and experiences in which learners, businesses and experts will be able to meet, carry out projects and share their experiences and their knowledge with the general public.

The project is a strategic opportunity to consolidate emlyon business school's development path, on a site with remarkably easy access for students and businesses. It is set in the dynamic Gerland district, currently undergoing sweeping redevelopment in the heart of greater Lyon and the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region. The Gerland Hub will be the culmination of the Confluences 2025 strategic plan (lien vers la page Stratégie), amply embodying the various facets of emlyon's ambition: digitalization, hybridization and engagement with socio-economic circles and the financial and business community.

the gerland hub will be esuipped with the latest technologies