An educational promise

By returning to the center of Lyon, emlyon is reclaiming its position at the crossroads of intellectual, scientific, economic and community exchanges. The future campus is designed to be a propitious setting for producing shared knowledge, developing hybrid skills, sustainable innovation, dynamic meetings, in short, a form of prosperity. It is a gathering place in which the early makers signature teaching model comes to life: where thought and action are woven together, where people learn to do and do to learn.

The embodiment of emlyon's values: rigorous academic standards, scientific integrity, cultural and social diversity, intergenerational solidarity, and responsibility

An urban-planning promise

Becoming an urban campus once again enables emlyon to bolster its role as a stakeholder in the city. Set in the heart of the Gerland district, the agora is surrounded by elite educational facilities that foster creativity and cooperation, including the ENS (civil service), the IEP (political science), the ISARA (food, agronomy and environmental issues), the University of Lyon 2 and 3, and the future World Health Organization Academy. The campus opens out onto the city and will live in step with its neighborhood: a place where all those who want to change the world can gather, visit and meet.

A global promise

The agora is part of the network of existing and future campuses, and is its flagship. It is also part of the hybrid research and learning ecosystem: multidisciplinary, international and combining face-to-face and digital experiences. The future campus is powered by the drive and international aura of Lyon and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. As a channel for disseminating its influence and prestige, it will play a key role in hosting high-caliber students and top-tier research faculty from all over the world. The future campus is at once international and solidly rooted, and will be the flagship of the broader emlyon community.

Florence Krauth
Partnership Development Manager
Future Lyon-Gerland campus

A next-generation campus