Student engagement

emlyon business school

We are proud of our students that tirelessly promote greater inclusion and solidarity within society as a whole.

emlyon students are committed to greater inclusion and solidarity within society

We therefore support the following associations and strongly encourage their actions in order to strengthen and perpetuate their positive social impact:

  • The Corporation Council: This association is made up of 4th year students, former association leaders, who want to continue their involvement in emlyon student life. Its role is first and foremost to oversee the running of associations, but it also aims to foster links between students and emlyon management. It oversees the rights of the student communitý and pays particular attention to respect for ethics and the social and environmental engagement of students in their association activities. It works alongside the School's management and CSR department to support the development of initiatives with students.
  • Solidari'Terre is a charitable association that provides concrete, lasting aid to people and communities in hardship. It organizes 4 main awareness-raising events during the year, namely a Telethon, Sidaction week, blood donation and a photo exhibition based on the experiences of students during their humanitarian assignments abroad.
  • Cheer Up is a student association that helps young people between the ages of 13 and 30 with cancer to achieve their personal projects. A member of a national federation, the association also organizes events to raise funds from students.