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The Disability Taskforce, launched in 2019, lies at the core of an accessibility and inclusion policy that promotes the benevolent integration and social participation of people with disabilities. We want to help build a more inclusive and supportive society.

The Disability Taskforce support students with disabilities at every stage of their studies, by proposing specially adapted conditions and facilities, working with a range of partners involved in disability issues and rolling out awareness campaigns for our entire community.

Download the welcome guide for students and participants with disabilities
To improve the inclusion of people with disabilities, emlyon campuses comply with local accessibility standards.

The Wellness Centre and disability issues

The Disability Unit, which is part of the Wellness Center within the Social and Environmental Engagement Department, provides individual support to students and facilitates the smooth progress of their studies and student life, to ensure optimal conditions for their success.

Our support program is available to students with disabilities or disabling health conditions. It addresses all types of disability, whether temporary, long-term or permanent.

The Disability Unit coordinates the necessary personalized assistance, study arrangements and examination procedures in conjunction with the teaching departments.

Partner companies

We have forged relationships with the following companies and associations, all key players in the field of disability, in order to:

  • better accommodate students/participants with disabilities and adapt their schooling/courses to their needs
  • Raise awareness of disability issues throughout the emlyon community.
  • La Fedeeh
  • Agefiph
  • Tremplin Handicap