Created by the FNEGE (Fondation Nationale pour l'Enseignement de la Gestion des Entreprises - National Foundation for the Education in Business Management), the BSIS Label (Business School Impact System) measures the nature and the extent of the impact schools have, over their local and regional environment. emlyon business school receives the Label once again, for its positive impact on its local and regional environment.

The BSIS metrics measure the impact of higher education institutions in 7 areas: financial impact, educational impact, impact on business development, intellectual impact, impact over the regional ecosystem, impact over society and impact on the image. Based on a solid supporting documentation, emlyon demonstrated many assets, both on tangible and non-tangible elements, that the School provides to both the city of Lyon, its economic area, and to the whole of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (AURA) Region, the 2nd economic and the 1st industrial region in France.

  • After analyzing the whole data and discussing with many interlocutors of the School and of its ecosystem, the BSIS experts spoke about emlyon as “a very beautiful institution with solid academic assets and a research of great quality, and one with a major impact on its territory, the city and its region.” The School is strongly anchored in the local ecosystem of higher education and research, thanks to the presence of its research professors and its great many partnerships with other institutions such as the University of Lyon, the Ecole Centrale of Lyon, the Ecole des Mines of Saint-Etienne, the Institut d'Etudes Politiques (IEP Lyon), the Institut Paul Bocuse, the ENS of Lyon, the INSA of Lyon, and the Cité du Désign of Saint-Etienne.
  • According to the experts, emlyon “has a unique history of entrepreneurship which is still going on strongly and is ever renewed.” Founded in 1872 by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry which is still to this day, its majority shareholder, emlyon actively contributes to the development of businesses on the territory of the AURA region by creating value. Not only does the School provide resources in terms of research, pedagogy and talents, but it does also support the creation of innovative businesses via its Incubator and its Accelerator.
  • The conclusions of the BSIS report establish that emlyon “is truly one step ahead in the business school landscape when it comes to the société à mission and ESG dimensions. Social and environmental commitment are now the guiding thread of the School's activities and programs. The société à mission status, the compulsory “Act for climate” course, the social program or even the follow up of its carbon footprint are as many CSR actions emlyon has taken which generate direct or indirect benefits on the social and environmental situation of Lyon and its area.
  • Lastly, the BSIS experts think that the “renewed governance has the capacity to expend the School's current impact”, and the return of emlyon in the City is to play the role of “an accelerator for its development and impact”. emlyon is rolling out its “Confluences 2025” strategic plan effectively, as a means to become one of the top 15 business schools in Europe, with the next major step, the opening of its future campus in the city center of Lyon.
Isabelle Huault, President of the Executive Board and Dean of emlyon business school

150 years ago, emlyon business school was opening its doors at the heart of the second district of Lyon. To this day, the School finds its strength in its local ecosystem thanks to the solid relationships built with the socio-economic and academic scenes of its territory, to better contribute to the influence of the AURA Region in France and worldwide. We welcome the renewed BSIS Label as it praises the positive impact the whole of emlyon's activities have: research and programs through their research-professors, students with their student associations, Alumni with their network, institutional and socio-economic partners, the start-ups of the Incubator and Accelerator.”

About emlyon business school:

Founded in 1872 by the Lyon CCI, emlyon business school has an enrollment of 8,900 students of 121 nationalities over 7 campuses worldwide (Lyon, Shanghai, Saint-Etienne, Casablanca, Paris, Bhubaneswar and Mumbai). emlyon draws on a Faculty of 170 international professors and researchers, and a network of 190 global academic partners, to provide learning tracks of excellence and open to the world. emlyon runs a community of 38,600 alumni spread out in 130 countries. As a Société à Mission since July 2021, emlyon's raison d'être consists in: “providing life-long training and support to meaningful individuals able to transform organizations, for a fairer society, with more solidarity and respect for the planet.” In its early makers pedagogy, action and reflection are closely intertwined. Skill hybridization and social responsibility are at the heart of its training programs, where the best of both socio-economic and academic worlds meet.

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