The emlyon Career Center

Successful integration and sustainable employability

The Career Center prepares and guides the school's student and alumni community for successful entry into the workforce and lasting employability to meet the challenges and far-reaching changes in the world of work.

Our work is geared towards three main objectives:

  • Guide our learners to lasting employment
  • Connect up the student, alumni and employer communities
  • Build expertise and credibility in the field of employability trends

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The Career Center prepares and supports the learning and graduate community for successful integration

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Recruit early makers

At emlyon business school, we draw on a wide range of programs to train managers through initial training and continuing education. But what really sets our students and graduates apart? What do they all have in common?

Internships, cooperative education, fixed-term or open-ended employment contracts, the VIE scheme... When you recruit "early maker" students and alumni, you do more than meet your staffing requirements: you give yourself the opportunity to innovate, to change the way you produce or sell, to be a game-changer on your market or to gain a foothold on new ones.

Recruiting students on internships
Recruiting recent graduates
Recruiting experienced profiles
Work-study and part-time programs

Identify your future talents for more effective recruitment

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Do you want to build your employer brand and identify the profiles best suited to your requirements and your context?

Our career center has brought in a variety of arrangements and formats for building a relationship with our students throughout their studies, such as meetings on specific themes, recruitment events, challenges, etc.

Share your passionate interest in your job, your corporate culture, and identify your company's future talents!

Support the school

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Lend an institutional dimension to your collaboration with our school and take advantage of all of the possibilities for interaction between our ecosystem and your business, including academic ties, research, employability, startups and continuing education.

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