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Train your employees throughout their careers

Employee training is crucial for the development and growth of companies. It is essential to identify skill gaps and provide customized training programs to support each employee in their professional development. Human Resources play a key role in identifying these needs and implementing skills development training.

We offer tailored solutions to guide and support companies when they need to adapt and transform their organization, revitalize managerial practices and adapt individuals and the organization to the emerging disruptions and models.

For in-depth study of your project and to find out more about the schedule, duration of a custom training program, prerequisites, evaluation methods or pricing conditions, please contact us.

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You will find the welcome guide and all the information on how we welcome and support our students and participants with disabilities here

The tailored programs we develop

  • Create opportunities, based on an in-depth analysis of the real needs, with a far-reaching, thorough consideration of your company's constraints and demands
  • Implement teaching resources that are rare on the market: our professors and affiliated experts, in a relationship of honest openness and closeness
  • Create solutions that are sophisticated in the care taken with the educational engineering and the use of innovations that reinforce the impact and the excellence of the learner experience

If you would like to submit a tender call to us, consult us about your training project, or simply have a conversation to find out more about our training resources, don't hesitate to contact our team.

Number of participants : 1 997 (2022 data)

Tailor-made programs adapted to each learning community

Adapting the content of the training to the learner is essential for the success of a program. We design training courses adapted to the target public of your company:

  • Top management and executives
  • Managers and managerial community
  • High potential managers
  • Collaborators

Our programs allow the development of managerial skills, but also training on business issues (finance, marketing, etc.) and cross-functional issues (CSR, digital transformation, ecological transition, etc.).

Frédéric Dutertre, Professional Development and Managerial Skills Manager for Crédit Agricole IDF

"Lines move and behaviors evolve. The tailor-made training program designed with emlyon business school encourages everyone to regularly reflect on their way of operating. This more human approach also responds to a strong expectation of the new generation of managers in the world of banking. emlyon business school was able to understand us and meet our aspirations"

Frédérique Le Jariel, Director of Human Resources for Kuehne + Nagel

"The objective of the program based on the lean start-up was to bring out ideas in order to better serve customers by taking into account their new expectations, the capacities of employees and the technological evolution of the markets. Thanks to this method, all trained employees are now stepping out of their comfort zone, taking up new challenges, thinking about new ways of managing projects, and becoming intrapreneurs: essential links in the construction of a project."

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