Sport at emlyon business school

Sporting activities

Over 45 sporting activities are currently available on the various campuses and at sites that are either nearby or easily accessible by public transport. Offering students this wide choice of sports, all programs combined, contributes to their well-being and helps strike the right balance between their studies and their personal development.

emlyon business school firmly believes that playing sport helps develop the skills required for a successful career. Through sport, we are seeking to develop soft skills, defined as the personal qualities necessary for a successful career. Adaptability, the ability to work in a team and surpass oneself, rigor, perseverance, self-confidence, the ability to make decisions, to work in complex environments or to manage stress and the risk/security pair are just some of the skills that the team manager or company head of tomorrow will be able to develop by playing sport.

Through the various experiences provided by the activities in the Sport Program, students must be able to use and develop these various forms of useful knowledge, skills and soft skills, which are transferable to a future position in management.

In this context students can validate ECTS credits linked to sport practice at school. It can help them validate their school year, sport class being a requirement to graduate in some programs.

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Coaching and support
emlyon is convinced that sport helps develop skills for professional success.

emlyon business school tops the general business school ranking in 2019

Against this backdrop, the school's competitive sports teams did particularly well this year, with two French championship titles in women's handball and women's basketball, along with second or third places in most of the other sports (football, rugby, volleyball, etc.).

emlyon business school won the title of French Champion Business School for the second time! The overall ranking, drawn up by Business Cool, factors in the participation in the French Business Schools' Cup, the flagship competition in which all of the business schools take part.

Sport Associations at emlyon business school

emlyon has several competitive teams.

Associations at emlyon business school

Bureau Des Sports

The BDS works alongside the emlyon business school Sports Unit to manage the French University Sport Federation (FFSU) competitions, the University Championships and the Grande Ecole French Cups. We also organize regular events during the year as part of the school's sporting activities.
The Bureau des Sports has 39 members, manages 28 sports and has over 1,000 registered sportspeople.
The Bureau des Sports organizes events throughout the year, such as: the Bol d'air, the KPMG Rhône-Alpes derby, the Game of Gones, the Révathlon and the Bundem.

Raid Hannibal

The Raid Hannibal event was first held in 1999 at the initiative of the Transalpine Committee to support the planned Lyon-Turin rail link. Rally participants (companies, adults and students) follow in the footsteps of the Carthaginian general Hannibal Barca, who crossed the Alps riding on an elephant's back in 218 BC.

This annual rally through the heart of the Alps is organized by 38 emlyon business school students and held on the Ascension long weekend.

The Raid Hannibal team also organizes other events, such as Le P'tit Raid, Xtrem Day and the Hanni'Balade.

Bureau des sports extrêmes

The BDX was set up by students with a passion for extreme and unusual sports and a taste for adventure. It offers emlyon business school students an opportunity to push back their limits and live out their dreams.

  • The BDX is structured into three activity hubs:
  • The Commando Hub for thrill-seekers;
  • The Explore Hub to push back the boundaries of your imagination;
  • The Escape Trip Hub, which takes you away for a few days on a journey to a foreign country to take part in unusual activities and learn about the local culture

Ski Club

Club Voile