Our mission

at emlyon business school

It is our belief that, in today's uncertain world, we can no longer act and make decisions as we did in the past. If we are to play a positive role in the world, we have to invent new ways of doing, thinking and being. This means that our role as a higher education institution is to produce change initiators and help transform organizations in responsible way.

emlyon's mission is to produce and share the knowledge that will enable us to address the social, digital and ecological issues facing organizations. It is also to reveal the lifelong skills of responsible managers and decision makers, capable of grasping the complexity of the world and transforming society.

This socially-aware and resolutely responsible calling anchors emlyon business school in its role as a force for the common good. This is why we are making it a core element of our identity by adopting the status of a benefit corporation from July 2021. emlyon will then officially declare its purpose and its action to be in the general interest.

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Our values

  • Demanding standards
  • Integrity
  • Diversity
  • Solidarity
  • Accountability
emlyon wants to train leaders of change and responsible transformations of organizations.

early makers since 1872. Our academic tagline

The "early makers" teaching model provides a means of learning and putting that knowledge into practice, an action mindset that is the defining trait of emlyon-trained change makers: "doing to learn, learning to do". The school's history has given it a unique view of "learning": learning at emlyon forges a close link between thinking and doing, creates interdependence between teaching and research, between teachers and students, and between the academic world and socio-economic circles. Lastly, emlyon trains students not to break down ideas but instead to connect and link up ideas in order to take action, here and now.

The priority is always the employability and lifelong learning of managers "makers", equipped to mold a sustainable society.

The "early makers" pedagogy offers a way of learning, which characterizes emlyon.

The requirement, the experience, the experimentation, the entrepreneurial ethos as a lever to the capacity to act

Hybridize and decompartmentalize

Our signature teaching model intertwines digital culture and traditional know-how. It is based on experimentation and experience with others (since that is how we learn: by making and by interacting with others), along with the circulation and sharing of knowledge, with a finger on the pulse of the socio-economic world.
A teaching model is indissociable from the places in which it is put into practice. At emlyon, it is deployed in the Makers' labs: dedicated, hybrid, collaborative spaces with local roots but open to the outside world.

The "early makers" teaching model helps learners become:

  • Responsible: they act, make decisions, work and create with others
  • Creative: they innovate by blending not only digital technology and big data but also artificial intelligence, the humanities and the social sciences
  • Global: they are curious, open-minded and mobile; they understand global issues and turn them into opportunities
  • Hybrid: they are capable of analyzing issues from multiple, multidisciplinary viewpoints.