The alumni network

A whole close-knit, connecting and committed world

For nearly 150 years, emlyon business school's graduates have remained deeply attached to their school. Today there are over 45,000 alumni worldwide keeping the emlyon alumni spirit alive by holding regular gatherings, developing business opportunities, backing and sharing all manner of projects and investments, including voluntary work, mentoring, talks, lectures and workshops... which are always friendly and welcoming occasions!

The graduates of emlyon business school have always maintained an attachment to their school.
Valérie Travain Milone I Chairman of the emlyon business school Alumni Association

True, becoming an alumni is like opening the door to renewed moments of fun, of discussions, emotions, of getting together... And it feels like we can pick up just right where we left off! But being an alumni also means undertaking a personal development which will last all throughout our lives, while embodying and promoting the values of our Alma Mater: Self-demanding, Integrity, Diversity, Solidarity and Responsibility. Indeed, being an alumni is also a Responsibility. The responsibility to represent our School with flying colors within companies entering partnership with us, thereby highlighting the quality of our training programs. The responsibility towards our School and our younger generations, for whom we have to keep on committing to contribute to the emergence, of future ethical leaders. Because we share more than memories.

spread over 130 countries
animate geographic and thematic communities
events and meetings
organized per year in France and around the world

A worldwide network

Even if the school's home base is Lyon, today our 6 campuses host students and graduates on three different continents.

The global community of over 45,000 alumni in 130 countries is connected through the platform. Members can communicate freely with each other with the help of the online directory.

All members can take part in the network's over 200 online or offline events.

Over 200 emlyon alumni ambassadors play an active role in building the school's global renown and will be happy to welcome you and provide any assistance you may require.

The emlyon alumni clubs span a variety of interest areas and are a great opportunity to exchange views with qualified experts and budding professionals.

Their backgrounds and careers will regularly feature in portraits and interviews on the platform and social media, not to mention the inspiring Alumni Stories!

Recent graduates come under the spotlight through the Yà ambassadors (for Young Alumni or "start-ups" in Chinese), representing their program and cohort.

The network's flagship events include the Alumni Camp, Worldwide Alumni Day, the emlyon alumni Thursdays, the annual evening event and the Yà Evening.

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Your employability is our priority!

Whether you are making a career change, waiting for a key opportunity, an entrepreneur, an expatriate, a recent graduate or already experienced in your field... as a lifetime member, you will receive personalized guidance and support, either in person or remotely.

You will be able to:

  • Take advantage of our guidance and support in the form of interviews, workshops, webinars, lectures and group sessions, after choosing the framework within which you intend to map out and construct a new challenge or achieve your ambitions.
  • Browse or post exclusive job offers and log onto our partners Jobteaser and Wats4U.
  • Make use of our resources: enjoy access to our campuses, complementary training courses delivered by Executive Education, access to company or industry databases, webinar data banks, etc.

An active network

The engagement of students and our graduates is fostered by emlyon.

We have always encouraged our students and graduates to become actively involved. We support and value all forms of involvement, whether this commitment is to society, to their school or within the alumni community.
For instance, we present annual Alumni Makers Awards, spotlight solidarity-driven initiatives, encourage our alumni to engage in friendraising, and run crisis-support operations when the need arises.
To bolster interaction between the school and its network, we create a "marketplace" to collate the many offers of mutual assistance, speaking engagements, involvement on juries, etc.

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Your blockchain certification with life-time availability

emlyon business school offers degree certification on the blockchain.

We are the first French business school to issue blockchain-guaranteed, tamper-proof diplomas. The blockchain certification will come as a complementary feature to the paper diploma or certificate and will be a means to prove the authenticity of training and credentials all throughout the professional career.

Since 2019 more that 4,400 graduates were able to take advantage of this innovation.

This service is also offered to the lifetime members of the emlyon alumni network.

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