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The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a state-of-the-art training program providing a thorough expertise in management and leadership for executives and managers. With this program, participants acquire solid strategic competences, essential to perform outstandingly in the world of management. Should you be looking into developing your career, changing sector or starting your own business, an MBA provides the necessary knowledge and toolkit to achieve your goals.

Find out about the Executive MBA and the International MBA of emlyon business school, two innovative programs delivered by a world-ranking business school.

Executive MBA

The Executive MBA of emlyon business school is the key for ambitious leaders wanting to fine-tune their competences in management while maintaining their professional obligations. This program provides a combination of unique intensive courses, tailor-made mentoring and practical projects focusing on the challenges of today's business world.

With professors renowned for their expertise, solid partnerships and a network of alumni across the world, the Executive MBA provides an immersive experience which will boost your career to new heights. Find out how the Executive MBA can gear you up to excel in your career as a manager.

About our Executive MBA
Executive mba | emlyon

Admission requirements for the Executive MBA

7 years of professional experience

Baccalaureate +4 years or equivalent
Possible Validation of Professional Experience for people with a lesser degree-level

For English tracks: a minimum TOEIC score of 850

International MBA

The International MBA of emlyon business school opens the doors to world-wide careers as managers. Our program provides a holistic approach of management, highlighting the understanding of global markets, cross-cultural collaboration and strategic problem-solving on an international scale.

Join a program focusing on the internalization of competences, innovation and world-wide networking.

The International MBA is provided as a:

  • Part-time IMBA
  • Full-time IMBA
About our full-time IMBA About our part-time IMBA
International MBA | emlyon

Admission requirements for the International MBA

3 years of professional experience

Baccalaureate +4 years or equivalent


English tests: TOEIC, TOEFL or IELTS

Our MBA rankings

#36 worldwide and top 5 in France
2023 Financial Times Executive MBA Ranking
International MBA
#3 in France and #30 worldwide
Which MBA? 2022 Rankings - The Economist
Executive MBA
#24 worldwide
2023 QS Executive MBA Ranking

Frequently Asked Questions about MBAs

Why take an MBA?

Taking an MBA provides a thorough expertise in management, opens career opportunities and boosts professional development. An MBA also allows to change sector by providing a multi-purpose understanding of business principles and adaptable competences. On the whole, investing in an MBA is worthwhile as it provides long-term benefits such as a potential salary raise and an increased value on the job market.

How long is an MBA?

MBAs are usually 12 to 18 month-programs

What are the selection criteria for an MBA?

The selection criteria for an MBA are:

  • The school's reputation
  • The program's specialization
  • The networking opportunities
  • The program's flexibility in relation to your professional obligations

Are there any online MBAs?

Yes there are. Many schools (outside of France) provide online MBAs offering flexibility and accessibility. These programs allow working professionals to continue studying without interrupting their career. As an example, see the Executive MBA Online of emlyon business school.

How can my MBA be financed?

There are several options for financing your MBA: student loans, grants and scholarships, employers' support etc.

What are the career perspectives after an MBA?

MBA graduates can aspire to higher management careers in a large variety of domains as:

  • CEOs
  • CFOs
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Consultants
  • Finance officers
  • Portfolio managers
  • Human resources directors
  • Organization development managers