Welcome to Uncertainty, a new book focused on harnessing the potential of uncertainty and change, was published on September 28th.

Book cover of Welcome to Uncertainty, written by Silberzahn, Professor at emlyon business school

Written by Philippe Silberzahn, Professor at emlyon business school, who specializes in strategy, entrepreneurship and innovation, the book reveals the nature of our unpredictable reality, addresses decision making amidst information scarcity, and equips organizations to thrive in uncertain waters.

Drawing on Professor Silberzahn's extensive research and real-world insights from his experience as an entrepreneur and working with leaders of all types of organizations, the book practical provides advice for leaders who want to capitalize on uncertainty and survive and thrive in a world of surprises.

Professor Silberzahn says: “The 2008 financial crisis, Brexit, the election of Donald Trump, the Covid-19 epidemic, the invasion of Ukraine, the return of inflation, and what next? The list of surprises continues to grow.”

Against this backdrop, a new perspective on forecasting is imperative. “How can we prosper in a world we can't predict?” asks Silberzahn. This book explores that question and offers essential advice and tools for organizations that want to embrace the uncertainty of the world we now live in.

Drawing on Professor Silberzahn's more than 20 years of industry experience in the high-tech sector as an entrepreneur, CEO, and consultant, the book provides readers with key insights on how to embrace change and adversity and use it to benefit themselves and their organizations.

Essential reading for leaders, innovators, and those determined to harness the potential of change, this book is your compass in an uncertain and ever-evolving landscape.