The renowned journal Leadership Quarterly has awarded Philippe Jacquart and his co-authors the Decennial Influential Article Award for their article "On Making Causal Claims: a review and recommendations" (2010).

The international journal in political, social and behavioural science, awards an annual prize the article from each decade that has had the greatest impact. This is measured by the number of citations the article has had over the last 10 years. The editorial team shortlists the five most-cited articles and then votes independently to decide on the winner.

The paper has strongly influenced how research is designed in the fields of management and applied psychology. In particular, it has emphasized the need for rigorous designs in order to be able to interpret results which are otherwise of little use. Using a random set of papers published in the top management and applied psychology journals, the paper also showed that, by and far, these papers make claims which could not be backed by the data reported. Since the article's publication, numerous journals have adopted the standards suggested by the four researchers.

Antonakis, J., Bendahan, S., Jacquart, P., & Lalive, R. (2010). On making causal claims: A review and recommendations. The Leadership Quarterly, 21(6), 1086-1120.