Antoine, Caroline and Tristan, three students in their last year at the Grande Ecole Program of emlyon business school, decided to start on an extraordinary adventure: the 2020 WAY project. A 6 month-trip over two continents, started on October 30th last, with a view to making a documentary on “alternative traveling” and raising awareness on the environmental impact of traveling.

We live now in a world where traveling is attractive, sometimes just a few steps away, and makes people dream... But also a world where traveling generates significantly accrued consumption and pollution of the planet.

Our 3 students did share the same observation, which led them to ask themselves what was the profound meaning of traveling, and to explore concrete solutions to minimize our carbon footprint when traveling. This is what this journey is all about; a journey during which they will address these issues with other actors (explorers, researchers, entrepreneurs...). With such encounters, our 3 students will try to capture their experience via a miniseries posted while traveling, and a documentary to be broadcasted once they are back.Imagining, drawing and exploring the features of sustainable and conscious traveling, in other words, paving a new WAY!

The 3 students started out their journey in Sweden*. Armed with just their bicycles, exposed to the winter weather conditions, they will travel around this country before heading to Denmark, Germany and The Netherlands for the next two months. They will then embark on a cargo to Latin America for 4 months, with the same desire, to travel “low carbon” thus preferring cycling, taking the train, hitch-hiking or even on horseback riding...
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Instagram: @way_levoyagededemain
YouTube: WAY - Tomorrow's new WAY to travel

*The itinerary may vary depending on the sanitary regulations in force in the hosting countries. Students undertake to comply with these measures in all the countries they will go through.