Key lever to further implement emlyon's social policy, the emlyon Foundation has been acting exclusively in favor of students in need since 1993. As it turns 30 years old, here is everything you need to know about its role, its activities and its projects:

The role of the emlyon Foundation:

Born on March 17th, 1993, the Foundation of emlyon business school, under the umbrella of the Fondation de France, is a public service.

The emlyon Foundation is aligned with the School's strategic plan, that is with the three main lines of actions dedicated to social and Environmental Responsibility, inclusion and social openness

Thanks to the funds raised from individual or corporate benefactors (foundations, companies) sensitive to the general interest and to emlyon's projects, the emlyon Foundation is implementing a support and self-help policy directly in favor of students.

All donations are thereby redistributed to those in need or facing financial difficulties in accessing training programs of excellence.

The projects of the emlyon Foundation:

The Foundation supports 4 priority programs:

  • Social-based grants, solidarity grants to provide help for living expenses (housing, transports, food, etc.) of students in dire situations.
  • Emergency Funds, to support students experiencing sudden dramatic situations (sickness, death of a family member, family breakdown ...) jeopardizing their ability to continue studying.
  • The Tour de France of oral exams, a support system to promote equal opportunities for students in preparatory classes, providing tutoring and coaching (Trait d'Union Prépas), but also financial support to cover expenses relative to taking oral exams of the Grandes Ecoles in France.
  • The purpose of the PhD and Research scholarships is to fund the international doctoral programs of emlyon aiming at training professors and researchers and maintaining Research at its highest level.
Florence B I benefactor

Making a donation to the Foundation is a small act in itself, but collectively, it can give the School enough power to remain open to motivated and talented students.”

Projects the emlyon Foundation chooses to support:

Under the leadership of its Chairman, Philippe Klocanas, director and emlyon alumni, and its General Delegate and Director of Fundraising, Lucie Constant, the Foundation is managed by a volunteering Administration Board representing the emlyon community and the Foundation: alumni, benefactors, students, CCI, staff, external trustees with qualifications in the action fields the emlyon Foundation operates in. 

The role of the Administration Board trustees Is notably to choose the projects and beneficiaries to support, then to make sure that the projects are properly implemented

The 30th anniversary of the Foundation will be marked by: 

  • The presentation of the strategic orientations of the emlyon Foundation and projects to be supported. 
  • The renewal of part of the Administration Board in the presence of Axelle Davezac, Executive Director of the Fondation de France, and of Isabelle Huault.
  • Testimonials of supported students. 

You want to know more about the actions the Foundation is undertaking for students:

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Isabelle Huault Présidente du directoire emlyon, Philippe Klocanas Président de la Fondation et Lucie Constant