Finance & Consulting Meet Up

emlyon business school

The Finance & Consulting Meet Up is an opportunity for businesses looking for talents in finance to recruit students and discuss the variety of job fields, skills and projects available.

Who should attend this apprenticeship day?

This day is designed for financial institutions (banks, insurance companies, investment funds, etc.), audit & consulting firms and non-specialized businesses interested in recruiting personnel in these functions.

Which students are involved?

50% of emlyon business school students, whatever program they undertake, do their internship or find their first job in the finance industry.

What does my business stand to gain?

The Finance & Consulting Meet Up is a unique opportunity to present the various professions employed in these functions, promote your employer brand and recruit early makers.

Since this is a dedicated event, the emlyon students that attend are all directly concerned by the openings you offer.

On top of your participation in the day's program, you will receive the resume book of our students registered for the event (around 500 resumes).

What is a Finance & Consulting Meet Up?

In 2021, there will be two days: the first one on campus and the second one online.

+33 (0)4 78 33 78 92


Upcoming dates

Ecully campus: october 14, 2021 Online on Talentspace platform : october 15, 2021


  • On Lyon-Ecully Campus :
    1750 € excl. Tax
  • Online :
    1500 €

Event progam

First day, Thursday October 14th 2021, on campus

  • 09h – 16h : forum with 3 separate areas: financial institutions, audit & consulting, and non-specialized businesses
  • 10h – 15h : at the same time as the forum: short talks led by the participating (and volunteer) employers and held in a dedicated area in the center of the forum
  • 11h – 16h : shortlisting area. Possibility of arranging access to a private area to hold interviews.

Second day, Friday October 15th 2021, online

  • 09h – 13h: forum with individual online space
  • 10h – 12h30: at the same time as the forum: short talks led by the participating (and volunteer) employers and held online.
  • 13h – 19h: Possibility to have onlin 1to1 interviews