Our commitment

By choosing emlyon business school, you will enable your project to leverage an ability to mix pragmatism and a more detached view of the essence of the problems posed, along with academic excellence, a culture of quality to the customer's advantage, recognized accreditation that eases external financing solutions, the capacity of the generalist to work on a broad field of disciplines, subjects and situations, and the quality of the teaching resources.



Director of Development Tailored Training Programs


+33 (0)7 87 81 12 97

Our 7-point commitment

  • Analysis and strategic diagnosis (familiarity with the customer)
  • A unique pedagogical architecture (active learning principles)
  • Selection of the best professionals (research professors, experts, etc.)
  • An enhanced participant experience (access to resources, learning venues, suitable and differentiated methods and tools)
  • A skills certification and accreditation offering
  • Impact measurement and return on investment
  • Simplified administrative procedures
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