Customized training programs for companies

Exploring the 3 pillars of our programs

emlyon business school accompanies companies in their transformations and in the development of their talents.

Three strong themes are at the heart of our expertise to support your employees in developing their skills. They are based on research in the field of management, on innovative programs and on balanced teaching resources between professors and on a large network of affiliated experts and consultants.


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Anticipating and adapting to transformation

Training to transform businesses

Support your managers to understand disruptions and imagine new business models (scaling up, supporting growth, digital transformation, etc.).
Transforming for success : strategy and leadership play a crucial role in navigating technological and socio-economic disruptions.

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Reinventing managerial practices fit for the future

Develop managerial skills

Develop your teams' managerial and collaborative capacities in order to deal with the new environments and societal issues (governance, CSR, globalization, intercultural considerations, etc.), through action-based and experiential learning methods.

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Creating cultures of intrapreneurship

Develop intrapreneurship initiatives

Give meaning to your employees' actions within your organization by promoting intrapreneurship through an innovation-driven corporate culture. Intrapreneurship brings inventive solutions and enables the company to stay competitive while leveraging existing resources.

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Excellence and innovation

emlyon business school capitalizes on three extensive and longstanding areas of expertise to support companies in meeting the rapidly evolving challenges of today's business landscape. Our expertise is based on research of excellence in the field of management, on innovative systems and on educational resources balanced between teachers and on a large network of affiliated experts and consultants.

emlyon is an architect of skills and talents, mobilizing the actors of tomorrow through the movement and networking of knowledge, the permanent development of skills through action and the affirmation of an entrepreneurial, socially responsible culture.