Research : The Leibniz Association is providing one million euros in funding for the Lab2 collaborative research project, in which emlyon business school is involved.
Aurélien Baillon, professor at emlyon, economist expert on uncertainty, and member of the research project, explains the objectives of Lab2.

How to improve the credibility of economic science?

To answer this question, researchers from the Berlin Social Science Center (WZB), the University of Oxford, Osaka University, the Stockholm School of Economics, and emlyon business school founded Lab2 (“lab square”), a laboratory which studies laboratory practices in economics.
A first project "Incubator for Collaborative and Transparent Economic Sciences (Lab²)", of which the WZB is the main host, was financed by the Leibniz-Gemeinschaft Foundation for one million euros. This project has two main parts:

  • The collaborative part: to give more credibility to the results, teams will conduct the same experiments or analyze the same data in parallel. We then speak of a “multi-lab” study in the case of experiments, or “multi-analyst” in the case of data. Such studies make it possible to verify whether the same results can be obtained independently, thus giving them more credibility. The GATE laboratory, of which emlyon business school is a partner, will be involved in the multi-lab studies.
  • The transparent part: How do the incentives and uncertainty that economists face influence the way they conduct their research, but also the results? For example, it is increasingly common to pre-register studies, i.e., to describe in detail and in a verifiable manner what we are going to do before implementing it. This makes it possible to partly avoid practices that bias the results (called “p-hacking”), but it has a cost in terms of time and quantity of results obtained. As an economist expert on uncertainty at emlyon, I participate in conducting large-scale surveys to document and understand the practices of economic researchers. The goal is to promote more transparency for higher quality results.
Aurélien BAILLON Professor Level 1 at emlyon business school
Aurélien BAILLON, Professor at emlyon business school