Associate professor

PhD in Operations Management and Decision Sciences

Operations, Data & Artificial Intelligence

Themes of research

1. Supply Chain Management

2. Complex Decision Making

3. nnovation Dynamics

4. Frugal Innovation

5. Lean Management

6. Feature Fatigue

7. Energy Transitions

8. Sustainable Development

Conferences and semirars

  • 2022: El Hachem, W. “Policy Mix Dynamics of Manufacturers' R&D Investment and Government Regulations within a Socio-Technical System”, European Conference on Operational Research, Helsinki, Finlande.
  • 2019: EL Hachem W., De Giovanni P. “Can Innovation in a segmented market ensure a triple bottom line solution in the context of transition to alternative fuel vehicles?”, European Conference on Operational Research, Dublin, Irelande.
  • 2018: EL Hachem W., De Giovanni, P. “Transition to Alternative Fuel Vehicles, A Distributive Justice Perspective”, Informs Winter Simulation Conference, Gothenburg, Suède. EL Hachem W., De Giovanni, P. “Transition to Alternative Fuel Vehicles, A Distributive Justice Perspective”, International System Dynamics Conference, Reykjavik, Islande.
  • 2016: EL Hachem W., Harik R., Khoury J. “Error Generation, Inventory Record Inaccuracy (IRI) and Effects on Performance”, IFIP International Conference on Product Lifecycle Management, Columbia, USA.
  • 2015: EL Hachem W., Khoury J., Harik R. “Mental Model Moderation, Modification and Managing”, Industrial Engineering and Operations Management Conference, Dubai, EAU.


  • INFORMS (2017-now)
  • System Dynamics Society (2013-now)

Peer review and ediorial committees

Peer Review for International

  • Journal of Production Research (IJPR)
  • International Transactions in Operational Research (ITOR)
  • Economics Bulletin

Courses taught

  • Fundamentals of Operations Management, BBA 2nd Year
  • Management des Opérations, PGE 1st Year


  • Supply Chain Management
  • Decision Making
  • Lean Management
  • Energy Transitions
  • Technology Management
  • Innovation Dynamics
  • Sustainable Development