Associate Professor

PhD in Economics & management

Strategy & Organization

Research topics

How executives and managers use and develop their intelligence (cognitive, intuitive, social) to devise and implement sustainable strategies to the benefit of all their stakeholders.



  • Academy of Management
  • Strategic Management Society
  • Society of Business Ethics
  • Senior Fellow, The Conference Board

Communications & Seminars

  • Academy of Management annual meeting: since 2011
  • Strategic Management Society
  • Society of Business Ethics
  • 2017-19: The Conference Board. Errors in digital transformationsBrussels, Milan.
  • 2018: Société Royale d'Économie Politique de Belgique.La pire erreur de management.Brussels.
  • 2018: Insead directors' network. What is an organizational error? And what to do about it?Brussels.
  • 2017: B19 (professional association).Les mirages du bonheur au travail.Brussels.
  • 2016: Lufthansa Human Factors Conference.Errors on the flight deck to the CEO office.Frankfort.
  • 2016: Neoma Business School.Error management on the executive agenda.Rouen (France).