Assistant Professor

Operations, Data & Artificial Intelligence

Themes of research

1. Time series classification/clustering/forecasting

2. Deep learning for temporal data analytics

3. Explainable artificial intelligence

4. Deep learning interpretability

5. Human-in-the-loop machine learning

6. Artificial intelligence for medical and biological data analysis

7. Time series analysis in business and marketing

8. Energy data analysis

9. Customer behavior analysis (targeted marketing)

10. Social media data analytics

Prices and awards

Rank 1 Student during Master 1 and 2 studies among 23 students at Polytechnic University of Technology.
Rank 1 Student during Bachelor studies among 57 students at Sadjad University.
Standing between top professors during three years of teaching in Sadjad University.
Accepted by VIBOT (Vision and Robotics) Erasmus Mundus joint master program.
Accepted by Advanced Statistics and Data Mining Summer School in Madrid.
Full funded PhD Candidate by Joseph Fourier (Grenoble Alpes) University.

Courses taught


Conferences and seminars

  • March 2012 - Nvivo: Qualitative analysis on the data Ferdowsi University, Mashhad, Iran. One-day workshop on how to use Nvivo to extract and analysis our data at Faculty of Letters and Humanities, Ferdowsi University, Mashhad.
  • September 2012-January 2013: Lecturer at Webitschool, Mashhad, Iran. I created and held a ten day course in web programming with ASP.Net at Webitschool, Mashhad. Several groups of students were participated in my classes during four months.