Assistant Professor

Research center : Gestion de l’Ecole polytechnique (i3-CRG)

PhD in Management Sciences

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Research topics

1. Innovation Management

Open innovation, innovation intermediary, crowdsourcing, design thinking, idea management, creativity, user-centric innovation, new product development, innovation lab

2. Entrepreneurship & Learning

Start-up, social entrepreneurship, business incubator, accelerator programme, entrepreneurial support, experiential learning, entrepreneurial learning, community of practice

3. Space & Organisation

Materiality, socio-materiality, spatial turn, proxemics, affordance, open space, collaborative workspace, coworking space, makerspace, fab lab

Prices and awards

Finalist of the Doctoral Thesis Award
by « Le Monde » for academic research



Communications & Seminars

  • 2016: “Management and the Practice of Walking: An Exploration of Organizations and Organizing with Legs”, 76th Annual Meeting of the Academy of (AOM), Anaheim, California, US, August 5-9 (with F.-X. de Vaujany, A. Mukherjee, & S. Clegg)
  • 2016: “The role of liminal spaces for employees' self-control: the case of office restrooms”, 32nd EGOS Colloquium, Naples, Italy, 7-9 July (with A. Glaser)
  • 2016: “Rise of Community of Practice in Shared Workspaces”, 2nd International Workshop on Sharing Economy, Paris, 28-29-January (with F. Charue-Duboc)