Associate Professor

Operations, Data & Artificial Intelligence


As a multidisciplinary Researcher and Practitioner, I have devoted more than two decades as an entrepreneur in the training and consulting sector. My field of Research and Practice covers the quantitative methods applied to the social sciences (data mining, statistical learning and modeling), and human development (personal development & wisdom).
I joined emlyon business school mainly because they value multidisciplinarity and because we really need a multidisciplinary approach to face the current technological shifts and socio-economical world changes

2022 : PhD in Machine Learning and Deep Learning (Biology, Health - Clinical Research and Public Health)
  • 2011 : PhD in Management Sciences (Organizational Behavior)
  • Master's degree in Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences
  • Master's degree in Philosophy and History of Science
  • Master of Science: Theoretical Physics
2012 - 2018: Associate Director – Research Engineer
  • 2005 - 2012: Associate Director - Consulting and Training Business
  • 1994 - 2004: Social Entrepreneurship (Non Profits & NGO)