Professor level 1


Operations, Data & Artificial Intelligence

Research topics

Operations Science (i.e. the study of the function which sources, transforms and delivers what is to be sold – in practice : purchasing + production + supply chain) from a multi-disciplinary perspective

Smart Operations in general and Smart Industry in particular (so-called « 4.0 » or « of-the-future ») : i.e. intelligent manufacturing systems/ intelligent transportation systems/ intelligent sourcing systems. This encompasses the relevance, feasibility and risks of systemic applicative combinations of multiple technologies :

  • data science (« analytics ») : white and black artificial intelligence, other advanced algorithmic techniques of data mining or big data, pattern recognition incl. artificial vision, text mining,
  • production : CAD-CAM, generative design, virtual prototyping and digital twins, additive manufacturing, PLM, new materials
  • man-machine interfaces : data visualization, co-botics, virtual/ augmented reality, speech processing and voice synthesis,
  • robotics : M2M, IoT, multi-botics, smart buildings, smart cities
  • mobility : embedded systems, autonomous vehicles, drones, geographic information systems, geolocation,
  • collaborative networks : e-business, e-catalogues, market-places, CPFR, CRM/SRM, VMI, EPOS,
  • reliability and protection : cybersecurity/ safety, privacy, defense in depth in SCADA, encryption, authentication incl. blockchain, identification ;
  • Decision making in the operations : decision aid, crisis management, risk management, project management (incl. cognitive and organizational biases, and organizational learning on problem solving) ;
  • Modelling and optimization of the performance of the operations (« digital and robotic transformation ») considered as a socio-technical complex system: operation models vs. business models, input loop vs. resource loop, resource-based view, operational excellence methods comparisons – esp. transformation projects to introduce the above-mentioned digital and robotic technologies ;
  • Outsourcing and partnerships in the operations: co-development and co-investment, processes for extended entreprise governance in uncertain environment risk sharing, collaborative concurrent engineering, open innovation in ecosystems of enterprises, including international and intercultural factors ;
  • Socio-economic context and impact of operations transformation: ethics, sustainability, philosophical and political critique of progress and technology, economy of services vs. hyper/cyber-industrial economy, historical and anthropological comparative analysis of the industrial phenomenon, evolution of human work and employment, consequences on emerging countries and development assistance.


  • Member, Association Nationale Recherche et Technologie (Paris)
  • Partner, GeofencingMD consortium/ CARA competitiveness cluster in Intelligent Transportation Systems (Lyon)
  • Member (and former VP), Centrale Paris Alumni Association
  • Member (and former chairman), CASC (professional association in Purchasing and Supply Management)
  • Member, Kairos network international observatory on Raw Materials risks (Copenhagen)
  • Co-founder and member, Forum Européen des Politiques d'Innovation (Paris)
  • Scientific advisor, Collège des Hautes Etudes de l'Environnement et du Développement Durable (Paris)
  • Former delegate, International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (London)
  • Former delegate, Logistics Committee of French Union of Chemical Industries (UIC-MEDEF, Paris)
  • Former delegate, Procurement Strategy Council (Washington)
  • Former delegate, Hazardous Material Transportation European Projects Cttee, Ministry of Transportation (Paris)

Communications & Seminars

  • Contribution of road transport to sustainability and economic development, World Road Association, Paris, 2018 - in preparation
  • Traçabilité des Objets Connectés, Global Industrie, Paris, 2018
  • Panorama du M2M, Oséades, Annecy 2015
  • Logistique de la Maintenance, Rencontres Supply Chain ECP, Paris, 2009
  • Approvisionnements Lointains et Compétitivité, SITL, Paris, 2009
  • Outsourcing vs. Insourcing, 3rd Annual Strategic Sourcing in Chemical Industry, Amsterdam, 2008
  • Optimisation des Stocks Multi-Echelon, Carrefours Logistiques, Paris, 2008
  • Création de Valeur par la Supply Chain, HEC, 2006
  • Offshoring Rationale, 1st Annual Strategic Sourcing in Chemical Industry, Amsterdam, 2006